“Awesome”: Peeps Truly Inspired by Lovely Couple Who Have Been Married for 73 Years

“Awesome”: Peeps Truly Inspired by Lovely Couple Who Have Been Married for 73 Years

  • The global social media family is celebrating and inspired by a sweet couple that has been married for close to eight decades
  • Mr and Mrs Jones have been in each other’s arms for 73 years and they are separated by seven years as far as their ages are concerned
  • Based in the United States of America, many social media users are dying to share a moment with them and ask them how they made it this far

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The global digital family is deeply impressed and inspired by a lovely couple that has been married for 73 years. Mr Jones and his wife have been together for close to eight decades and they are being celebrated on social media.

According to a Twitter post, the old man is now 100 years old while the granny is seven years younger. For many people, this is a true example of eternal love, blessings and understanding.

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YEN.com.gh also selects a few reactions from this beautiful love story. The two fresh-looking lovebirds are seen posing in their formal wear, holding each other's hand. They are based in the United States of America.

Brunnell Donald-Kyei penned this big story on social media applications. He wrote:

“Mr. Jones (100 years old) and Mrs Jones (93 years old)! Married 73 years!”
Peeps, Truly Inspired, Lovely Couple, Married, 73 Years
Mr and Mrs Jones have been married for 73 years. Image: @Brunelldonald/Twitter
Source: UGC

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The post reads:

@Sunlovr60 said:

“The Greatest Generation - how wonderful to see this - always well dressed and respectful. So different from today’s generation of Americans.”

@Minorb363 said:

“My parents made it to 65 years lost dad with cancer mom with broken heart 2 months later.”

@Setheehelper said:

“I’d love to listen to them tell of their marriage and the things they have seen a change in their time.”

@Davesolomon1 said:

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“This is a beautiful sight. I've been married 43 years and hope that we can make it 73 years as well. What a great looking couple. I wish them all the luck and love this world has to offer.

@Jthomp1959 said:

“Congratulations. What a wonderful couple. 73 years is amazing.”

@ALifergadawg said:

“Stories like this always help in a current chaotic world.”

@Mikki5861 said:

“It's a miracle if modern couples stay together for 73 days.”

@Opiflawtt said:

“This is beyond awesome! My pawpaw just recently passed. If he would've loved to see December, he and my grandmaw would've seen 65yrs together.”

Couple married for 73 years reunite after being separated by Covid19 pandemic

Checking out one of the most recent posts, YEN.com.gh posted that aside from claiming the lives of many peoples loved ones, the coronavirus pandemic has also separated many from their families. A recent report also noted how it contributed to high levels of boredom.

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In a video shot by The Epoch Times and shared by Chiekezi Dozie on Facebook, a couple who have been married for 73 years had an emotional reunion after being apart because of the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

As the woman saw her husband, and with her arms outstretched she repeatedly said the words, “Oh my God”.

The husband, 96-year-old Joseph, could not wheel his way towards his wife quickly enough as placed her in a warm embrace.

Source: YEN.com.gh

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