Ghanaian myths that scared us silly when we were children

Ghanaian myths that scared us silly when we were children

Growing up in Ghana was all sorts of amazing for all of us. From the unique childhood games, to the types of discipline we all endured or the favorite childhood traditions that are only found in a Ghanaian home and what added to our own special personalities now.

One of things that were predominant during our childhood was the strict warning we received from our parents based on certain myths that raised us. As a Ghanaian child, you must have heard of two or at least four of these myths that really put the fear of God in us. Here are 5 myths that really made us pray to the Almighty at night when we were kids:

1. If you sweep at night, you are sweeping away your good fortune. This was possibly the most common myth that we heard of as Ghanaian children. However this was just to prevent us from sweeping away something of value due to it being dark.

2. If you sing in the shower, you or your loved ones will die. This one was really scary. But alas, it was just to warn you of the dangers of having your mouth open with soap lather flying around, which was very harmful if it got into your system.

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3. If you whistle at night, you’re calling for snakes, or worst Ghosts! Eeek! You can’t tell me this didn’t send shivers down your spine. However, whistling at night disturbed those who just got home from work, no need to worsen their moods with your straining sounds.

4. Pounding an empty pestle means pounding your parent’s organs. Yeesh. Pretty dark right? But this was just to warn you so you didn’t get hurt while playing the pound the mortar game.

5. You will never be satisfied if you had one hand on the floor while eating. This myth actually makes me laugh now. However this was just to make sure you sat up straight and not choke while you ate due to way your body is angled.

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