What 5 Ghanaian men think of women's pubic hair?

What 5 Ghanaian men think of women's pubic hair?

- When a lady you’ve always wanted eventually comes to your house and you know it is going down, what goes through your mind when you see her with a bush or a bare ground between her legs?

A section of Ghanaian men gave varied and interesting responses to this question.

What Kenyan men think about women's pubic hair?
Bare or bushy

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5. I want a woman not a girl

There are men who associate the hair with maturity and womanhood. They find it better when she grows a bush.

4. A little hair is sexy

What Kenyan men think about women's pubic hair?
A little hair

A good number of men do not mind a little hair surrounding the honey pot. In fact, they find it very sexy.

“I like when the lie against the skin down, I feel they are welcoming,” Tom said.

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3. I do not trust women with bare vagina

You could be asking yourself where is the link between a bare vagina and trust. Apparently some men think that women who do not keep pubic hair at all tend to be sluts.

2. It is hygienic when shaved to the skin

Many Ghanaian men find a woman with no pubic hair more hygienic. “It is easier going down on such a woman that the one with a lot of grass. We know grass habours mosquitos,” Peter says before bursting into laughter.

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1. I want to see where I am going

What Kenyan men think about women's pubic hair?
Bare is good

This thought is perhaps the most interesting. It is simple and precise. According to Sam, one needs to see where he is going.

“You do not want to be in the wrong place,” he concluded.

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