I never had an affair with my sister-in-law- Alban Bagbin

I never had an affair with my sister-in-law- Alban Bagbin

- The second deputy speaker has denied reports that he had engaged in intimate relations with his teenage sister-in-law

- He said the scandal that broke out in 2004 was a false report meant to smear his campaign

- He stated that lady in question was raised by him and his wife

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Alban S.K Bagbin, the second deputy speaker of parliament has denied allegations that he was in a romantic relationship with his sister-in-law, as was reported some years ago.

I never had an affair with my sister-in-law- Alban Bagbin
Alban Bagbin

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According to him, the story was meant to smear his campaign in 2004, as it was nearing the election period at the time.

Mr. Bagbin said the story broke out because his opponents who were working with the Daily Guide newspaper, used their influence to cause the scandal, which he said was false.

The Nadwoli-Kaleo MP according to a Class FM report, stated he had even challenged the newspaper for their article, but he did not let the story derail his campaign during the electioneering period.

In 2004, the Daily Guide published a story that the National Democratic Congress member had engaged in extra-marital affairs with his sister-in-law.

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According to the report, Bagbin was at the time going through a difficult time in his marriage, hence he turned to his wife's 17 year-old sister, and allegedly impregnated her as well.

While Mr. Bagbin noted that it was a traditional norm to have romantic relations with one's sister-in-law, he stated he never engaged in it.

The deputy speaker further stated that the lady in question was somewhat raised in his home, by him and his wife.

"You know she actually grew up in our hands from a very tender age. My wife picked her up and then we brought her up, but when we left for Libya she was left in the hands of other people and then she dropped out of school and so on returning from Libya we had to go back and take her and try to educate her and salvage her, we worked hard at her, she is still in Accra working and taking care of herself," he said in an interview with Starr FM.

Meanwhile, the second deputy speaker has admitted that he is corrupt, just like most public officials in the country.

According to him, the political structures in Ghana tend to turn public officials to corruption.

He opined that President Akufo-Addo will find the fight against corruption quite challenging, especially since a number of people had offered in their support before and after the elections.

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