Rashida tearfully explains why she made the recent controversial video

Rashida tearfully explains why she made the recent controversial video

2017 Jigwe award winner, Rashidatu Mohammed, popularly known to Ghanaians as Rashida Black Beauty or Rashida Malafaka, has stated that in a tearful video her reasons for making a scandalously tacky nude video.

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Rashida tearfully explains why she made the recent controversial video
Rashidatu Mohammed, a.k.a. Rashida Black Beauty

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Rashida Black Beauty came into the public limelight with her initial dis video aimed at her ex-boyfriend, a video that went viral within weeks and ended up getting her the Jigwe awards.

After months out of the limelight, the young Ghanaian social media sensation released an extremely tacky nude video where she's seen dancing in her birthday suit in some of the dingiest surroundings.

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After she received stiff public condemnation for the video where some called her a sexual deviant, while others suggested that she may have developed mental problems, Rashida recorded yet another dis video. This time around, the young lady vented her frustration on all critics making negative comments against her video.

This didn't go down well with social media users, some of who called for Rashida's arrest saying that her video amounted to indecent exposure. Days after Rashida attacked her critics on social media, she was arrested, put behind bars, appeared in court, and later released on bail.

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Now in an interview days after her release from jail, Rashida has given a tearful apology to Ghanaians and stated her reasons for recording such an explicit video.

"I met a white guy on Facebook a few years ago, he promised to marry me so he asked for my nude video and I did that video for him," she said.

According to her, video was shot three years ago, and was released by someone other than herself.

"I am sorry, it wasn’t my intention to release a naked video of myself on social media, like I said earlier, I am yet to know who is behind it”, she said tearfully.


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