Invisible Forces threaten gov't over lack of job offers

Invisible Forces threaten gov't over lack of job offers

- Invisible Force members have threatened to cause havoc if they're not given work to do

- They accused government officials of not even picking up their calls now that the NPP is in power

Members of the Tema chapter of the Invisible Forces, a New Patriotic Party (NPP) affiliated group, have threatened to cause mayhem if the promise to give them employment isn't fulfilled by government.

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Invisible Forces threaten gov't over lack of job offers
Disgruntled Invisible Forces members

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According to members of the NPP affiliated group of "macho" men, prior to the 2016 December elections they were promised job opportunities if they supported the governing NPP. Now after 8 months in office, the disgruntled Invisible Forces members have alleged that government officials aren't even picking up their calls.

During a Town Hall meeting put together by the Ministry of Information in the Tema area, disillusioned members of the NPP affiliated group warned government that should the situation continue as it is, what occurred in Kumasi would be replicated in Tema.

"We want to tell our people, if they will not give us work to do, what happened in Kumasi, the same thing will happen here," said the angry invisible Force members.

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The unhappy Invisible Forces members were referring to two instances of lawlessness perpetrated by members of the Delta Force, another NPP affiliated group.

In one instance, Delta Force members forcibly removed the Ashanti REGSEC from his office breaking some office property, while in another, members stormed a court building forcibly freeing fellow Delta Force members from lawful arrest.

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