5 truths every fresh SHS student must know about "senior high"

5 truths every fresh SHS student must know about "senior high"

So there you are preparing to begin a new adventure in high school. Maybe you got the school of your choice maybe not. But all the same, you will now be advancing to a way new level in education which can change your life for the better or worst.

YEN.com.gh comes through with the painful truths and possible lessons that every fresher in SHS should know before you exit the four walls of your school.

1. There will be painful, unpleasant moments, just deal with them.

No matter how much we pray before starting SHS, there is no denying the fact that you will be faced with various unpleasant moments. Like a senior asking you for your provisions, sexual advances, bullying and so on. But in all of these you need to keep your cool and always report any wrongdoing if possible.

2. No one cares for you but yourself

As you start SHS especially in the boarding house, one thing you need to carry along with you is that no one cares for you! It is left to you to decide what is best and what is not especially when strict supervision is not the priority there. Your life is in your hands and not the hands of your hall prefect or master. Be in charge!

3. Journey to academic success starts from JHS 1 not JHS 4

The grave mistake that most of us make is that we often see our first year in SHS as a period of freedom where we decide not to read our new textbooks or even take the introduction of subject lessons seriously. Trust me, if you got your foundations wrong in Form One, there is no way you can bounce back in Form Two or Three.

4. Physical exercise is not a punishment

Whenever you are told to jog around or participate in a sporting activity, please do. Keeping fit is all you need to face the bigger and wider world out there. It's better to start learning how to jog and train now than wait till you are in your 30's when the stress of work continues to weigh you down.

5. Peer pressure will come and ruin your future

Following the crowd, doing what other "hard core" students do never means you are also a "hard core" boy or girl - this attitude has the potential of ruining your entire 4 years in high school. Never follow the crowd. Be who you are and always think about the future before taking decisions.

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