Farmers' Day in Ghana: What you need to know about the statutory public holiday

Farmers' Day in Ghana: What you need to know about the statutory public holiday

Every year on the first Friday of December, Ghana celebrates National Farmers Day to recognise the contributions of farmers and fishermen. The holiday is intended to recognise the significance of agriculture and fishing in Ghana's economic growth.

Farmers' Day
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On Farmers Day, Ghana's Ministry of Food and Agriculture bestows special awards on meriting farmers and fishermen, and most of these awardees are offered the chance to speak with policymakers about agricultural advances in technology.

History of Farmers Day in Ghana

The government established Farmers' Day in 1985 to recognise the key role farmers and fishermen contribute to the economy, particularly the esteemed yield of agriculturalists and fishermen in 1984.

It occurred following the disastrous agricultural years of 1982 and 1984. Between these times, the country experienced a severe drought unprecedented in its history. The drought resulted in deadly bushfires in 1984, which stripped the land naked and dry, resulting in little vegetation cover.

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As a consequence of the development, there was a serious food shortage because the bushfires severely damaged cocoa farms and food crops. However, Ghanaians were given some reprieve in 1984 when the National Mobilisation Squads, or Mobisquads, were formed to help rescue the situation. The Mobisquads transplanted the cocoa trees after clearing the farms.

When was Farmers' Day celebrated in Ghana?

In December 1986, farmers from across the country gathered in Osino to commemorate the first National Farmers' Day, with guest speaker Captain Kojo Tsikata, representative of the Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC). The first-place farmer received two Machetes, a pair of Wellington boots, and a pre-programmed radio. The state also awarded some of them cutlasses, sacks, bicycles, and boots.

But that wasn't the end of it. Later, the PNDC government decided it would be sensible to keep aside a special day for farmers and fishermen to recognise their enormous contribution to food production and economic development.

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The first Friday in December was designated National Farmers' Day. The awards given to the best farmers on this day have evolved from bicycles to power tillers, to tractors, to pick-up trucks and currently to a 3-bedroom house as of 2002.

Farmers Day celebrations activities

Farmers' Day
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Farmers Day activities entail a National Farmers Forum, where award winners are anticipated to interconnect with national experts and government officials. The topics include agricultural technological advancements in addition to recommendations on how Ghana's leaders can assist in improving the industry.

An exhibition is even endorsed by varied individuals and organisations showcasing industry developments. It aims to increase technology's significance in modernising Ghana's industrial structure.

The celebration lasts a week, with regional and district celebrations occurring across the country. Agriculture accounts for a large portion of Ghana's economy, which explains why the celebrations are so substantial.

Every year, the major celebration takes place in a region of the country most impacted by harvest conditions such as drought or flooding. During the festivities, awards are presented in categories such as farming methods, ecosystems, use of technology, and benefactions to their domestic economy.

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Best Farmers Day messages

Farmers' Day
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Farmers Day raises awareness of the significance of farmers and the agricultural industry in the advancement of a nation. The following are some Farmers Day messages and wishes you can share with fellow farmers.

  • It's National Farmers Day today! We want to applaud all the farmers who work tirelessly and devote their lives to supplying our great country!
  • Without our farmers, our dietary habits would be severely deficient, forcing us to eat variously processed and junk foods.
  • Farming should be regarded as a noble profession, and individuals should be motivated to enter this bold line of work to add to the nation's economic success.
  • Farmers are a nation's backbone, and you cannot stand straight if your backbone is damaged. A farmer's life is difficult because he works hard every day and night for all of us in all seasons.
  • I am extremely proud to have been raised in a nation where agriculture is the soul—best wishes for Farmer's Day.
  • The greatest way to honour a farmer is not to waste his produce.
  • If you're a farmer, you are truly blessed because you are performing the most amazing job in the world: growing food for others.
  • Farmers Day reminds us to recognise and appreciate every farmer in the country for his unwavering dedication.
  • Farmers are heroes who transform barren land into food-producing land with hard work and dedication. On this Farmers' Day, let us honour them.

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  1. What is Farmers' Day? It is a yearly celebration held in many countries to honour the valuable national contribution of farmers and agriculturalists.
  2. When is Farmers' Day celebrated in Ghana? Ghanaians celebrate it on the first Friday of December.
  3. Why do we celebrate Farmers' Day in Ghana? The day is celebrated to acknowledge the hardships and dedication of all Ghanaian farmers and fishermen.
  4. Is Farmers' Day a public holiday in Ghana? Yes, it is a public holiday. The general public has the day off, and schools and most enterprises are closed.
  5. How is Farmers' Day celebrated in Ghana? The Ministry of Food and Agriculture of Ghana rewards deemed worthy farmers and fishermen with special accolades depending on their techniques and production.
  6. How do we celebrate Farmers' Day? During this day, sensitisation campaigns and drives are held throughout the country to enlighten people about the significance of farmers and their economic contribution.
  7. How many national holidays are there in Ghana? The country has about thirteen nationally known public holidays. The main national holiday is Independence Day, which is celebrated on 6 March every year.

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