15 cool baby shower themes and ideas that would be perfect for the big day

15 cool baby shower themes and ideas that would be perfect for the big day

A mother-to-be's baby shower is among the most treasured experiences of her pregnancy. Since everyone is always enthusiastic about the impending baby, you can choose any creative idea and implement it. These days, there are plenty of cool baby shower themes other than the conventional pink and blue colours.

Baby shower themes
Cute baby shower. Photo: @paolavasquez on Pexels
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Planning a baby shower is a lot of fun. But with so many options, where do you begin? Picking a theme should be at the top of your to-do list. You must consider various aspects, including invitations, decorations, and table settings.

15 cool baby shower themes

A baby shower theme helps decide the menu, decor items, favours, and games. Here is a list of incredible baby shower themes that are easy to put together and perfect for the big day.

1. Twinkle twinkle, little star

Baby shower themes
Twinkle twinkle, little star baby shower theme. Photo: @milos_events
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The day's little star is already shining despite being unborn yet! A silver or gold colour scheme, star-studded accents and whimsical balloons can create a fancy and unique baby shower theme for a boy or a girl.

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2. Rainbow baby shower theme

A rainbow-themed baby shower should be vibrant and cheerful. Use treats, balloons, and toppers to enhance the theme, but don't overdo extensive details like tablecloths. This theme is gender-neutral, but a baby boy's event might use a stylish grayscale colour scheme.

3. Baby in bloom

There are numerous ways to create a sophisticated floral baby shower theme. Whites, baby pinks, and blushes abound in this one. Instead of games, consider making DIY floral crowns or other crafts featuring flowers that can serve as the attendees' favours. Another entertaining activity would be sowing seeds in honour of the expected baby.

4. Boho inspired

Baby shower themes
Boho baby shower theme. Photo: @nedordecor
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Some of the most creative and unique baby shower themes are bohemian-inspired ones. Bring on the creams, browns, and touches of sage or peach. Elegant touches include rustic tablescapes, outdoor pillow seating, and dried foliage. Additionally, use a simple scene of lace and plumes plus a “naked” cake to achieve a chic vibe.

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5. Cowboy-themed

This theme is one of the classic baby boy shower themes. There is no shortage of decoration ideas, regardless of whether the parents enjoy Western movies or are avid country music listeners. Simple hay stacks, hats, boots, and a music station with country songs can complete the set-up.

6. Woodland

Whether having a boy or a girl or waiting to find out the gender, a woodland-themed event is an incredible option. It is also one of the ideal twin baby shower themes for a boy and a girl. You can play up the woodland animals or give it a rustic feel.

7. Little snowflake is on the way

A snowflake theme is ideal if you are having a winter baby. Just like your little one, each snowflake is unique in its way. To ensure that your guests are warm on chilly winter nights, you can set up a hot chocolate bar or provide them with individual hot chocolate kits as a party favour.

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8. Little pumpkin

Baby shower themes
Little pumpkin baby shower theme. Photo: @gs_creativehouse
Source: Instagram

A little pumpkin baby shower is an ideal theme to celebrate your adorable fall baby. It would be so much fun to serve desserts with a fall theme, like pumpkin and pecan pies. To spice it up, serve your guests a variety of pies from a pie bar as dessert. Incorporate games such as painting small pumpkins. They could later be used as a party favour.

9. Winnie the Pooh baby shower theme

This theme will get everyone in the mood for the big adventure that the baby will bring. A Winnie the Pooh boy baby shower theme is ideal for little boys who will probably grow up just as adventurous as Winnie the Pooh.

10. All-white

What are some unique baby shower themes? A monochromatic baby shower is one of them. This theme is the definition of class and luxury. Use shades of white and cream to decorate the space for a fantastic day that makes the mom-to-be feel extra special. A sea of white balloons and white wrapping paper will make the space look fun, even without vibrant colours.

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11. Fairytale

Celebrate a little princess or prince on the way with a sophisticated take on a fairytale event. Some baby shower decoration ideas for this theme include vintage furniture, florals, and other whimsical touches.

12. The greatest adventure awaits

Baby shower themes
The greatest adventure awaits. Photo: @cafecitoevents
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A travel-themed baby shower is fantastic for girls and boys. Consider maps as backdrops or table runners, miniature globes, and vintage suitcases as centrepieces. A cake decorated with passports and aircraft will go well with this theme.

13. Succulent baby shower theme

Succulents do not only look lovely placed on windowsills. They also lend themselves to uncommon and unique baby boy baby shower themes. Decorate cookies with frosting that looks like succulent leaves, or make a cake with flowering succulents.

14. You doughnut know how much you are loved

A doughnut theme is adorable for a baby shower and can work for girls and boys. Use lots of white and pink accents, icing-inspired details and mouthwatering doughnuts.

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15. Mama to bee

Baby shower themes
Mama to be baby shower theme. Photo: @balloonmama.co
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This bee and honey theme is one of the most unique and creative gender-neutral baby shower themes. Consider appetizers with a bee and honey theme, honeycomb shapes, ball jars, and treats wrapped in brown paper.

What are male baby showers called?

A male baby shower is called a dadchelor party, baby stag, or man shower. It's a celebration resembling a baby shower, held just before a man becomes a father.

What is a good theme for a baby shower for a boy?

There are numerous unique and creative baby shower themes for a boy, including cowboy, the greatest adventure awaits, twinkle twinkle little star, superhero, and woodland. These themes would be perfect for celebrating a little boy on the big day.

The first formal celebration for your unborn child is a baby shower. Choosing a unique theme that incorporates beautiful decor, invitations, favours, and fun games will make the day unforgettable.

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