25 interesting fun facts about Mexico you should know about: Explore the country

25 interesting fun facts about Mexico you should know about: Explore the country

Most people associate Mexico with tequila, soap operas, beaches, and parties. However, the country has a rich history, vibrant culture, varied landscapes, and exciting culture. There are many things to discover about this exciting nation, whether you're an established traveller, a history enthusiast, or someone interested in other cultures. So, what are the fun facts about Mexico?

fun facts about Mexico
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Mexico, often known as the United Mexican States, is a nation located in southern North America. It shares borders with the United States to the north, the Pacific Ocean to the south and west, Belize, Guatemala, the Caribbean Sea to the southeast, and the Gulf of Mexico to the east. Learn all the interesting facts about Mexico in this post.

Fun facts about Mexico

What are some quick facts about Mexico? The country has undoubtedly earned an admirable reputation for its top-notch cuisine and friendly inhabitants, but there is still much to learn. Did you know this nation is the residence of the largest pyramid on earth? Below are more fun facts about the nation.

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1. The country has a variety of languages

What's unique about Mexico? The country is home to 68 distinct languages, 63 of which are endemic. Maya and Nahuatl are the most extensively used indigenous dialects in the nation.

2. Mexico City is the world's 5th most populous city

Mexico might seem a small nation compared to its northern neighbour, but when it comes to population density, Mexico City is extremely enormous. With over 21 million residents today, it is the biggest Spanish-speaking city worldwide.

3. Same-sex marriage is legal in the country

Since 31 December 2022, same-sex marriage has been formally recognised and celebrated nationwide. The Supreme Court of Justice of the nation declared on 10 August 2010, requiring all 31 states to recognise same-sex unions done anywhere in the country.

4. The country is the biggest exporter of beer

Mexico exports more beer than nations like Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands. Beer exports from the country accounted for 30.3% of the world market and were estimated at $5.016 billion.

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5. It has the smallest volcano in the world

The world's tiniest volcano, Cuexcomate, is located in Mexico. This volcano is only 43 feet tall and, located just outside Puebla, is as big as a little hill. The last eruption of Cuexcomate occurred in 1660, making it dormant.

what are the 25 interesting facts about Mexico?
A person sitting on a ladder with a view of underground water. Photo: pexels.com, @avivperets
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6. The country's largest population is Roman Catholic

After Brazil, Mexico has the second-highest Roman Catholic population. Roman Catholicism today predominates in the area despite ancient mythology's dominance during prehispanic periods.

7. Mexico City is gradually sinking

What are the fun facts about Mexico City? The city is inching into the land underneath it, which was originally a lake. It maintains the title of the city sinking the quickest in the world. It has been moving "downward" for about 50 centimetres or 20 inches yearly.

8. The country is the birthplace of North American print

Long before telephones and the internet were popular, Mexico was the literary epicentre of North America. Mexico City was the first location in North America to utilise a printing press in 1539. The Casa de la Primera Imprenta de América is still open today and serves as a public display.

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9. Kids don't get presents at Christmas

What are the fun facts about Mexico for kids? Children in Spanish-speaking nations do not get presents for Christmas in December. Instead, the family interchanges gifts on Three Kings Day, or Da de Los Reyes Magos, on 6 January each year.

10. The nation has the world's most giant tamale

Mexico is the birthplace of the Guinness World Record-breaking 3-foot-long, 150-pound tamale. It was created in the city of Villahermosa. The tamale is roughly 164 feet long and was made with unbelievable components.

11. The country manufactures a liquor made from raw chicken chest

One of the nation's most intriguing facts is its lengthy history of alcohol manufacture. Pechuga de Mezcal is prepared in palenques like conventional mezcal, except for the ultimate distillation. For Pechuga de Mezcal, the mezcalero incorporates nuts, local fruits and raw chicken chest into the alcohol as it boils and vaporises through the distillery.

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12. Phone numbers in the country can be strange

When calling from a local phone, you must add (0-44) before the phone number. When texting from a foreign mobile, you add (+52); however, when calling from an alien number, you add (+52 1).

fun facts about Mexico
Back view of a woman in a summer outfit looking at the house of the Halach uinic at Mayan ruins in Tulum, Mexico. Photo: pexels.com, @joel-zar
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13. It has the largest pyramid in the world

The Quetzalcóatl Pyramid in Cholula de Rivadavia is the largest pyramid in the world and the largest structure ever built. It stands 25 metres or 82 feet over the surrounding plain and covers more than 45 acres.

14. The country has impressive biodiversity

Mexico is the sixth most biodiverse nation on the planet. It's primarily because of the variety of climates and ecosystems present, which includes its arid deserts, broadleaf dry forests, and chilly Sierra Madre mountain climates.

15. The Spanish ruled the country for over 300 years

The Spanish adventurer Hernán Cortés made his initial landing in Mexico in 1519. After destroying the Aztec kingdom, the Spanish established themselves, but not before transmitting deadly smallpox, which killed millions of people within six months, consisting of a third of the native population.

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Before the Mexican people rose and struggled for 11 years to become independent from Spanish domination, the Spanish rule had lasted for 300 years.

16. The nation has the world's longest underwater cave

The world's longest underwater cave is located beneath the municipality of Tulum in Quintana Roo on the Yucatán Peninsula's eastern coast in Mexico. It stretches for more than 368 kilometres with an average depth of 21 metres and an ultimate depth of 120 metres.

17. Colour television was invented in the country

Without Mexico, the globe would have been much more binary for a very long time. The chromoscopic adaptor for television equipment, an early technique for transmitting colour television, was developed by inventor Guillermo González Camarena.

18. Caesar salad was invented in the country

Although it may not be frequently linked with Mexico, the Caesar Salad was first created in Tijuana. Italian restaurateur and chef Caesar Cardini was behind the salad's creation.

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19. The country has 59 indigenous maize varieties

What are some of the fun facts about Mexican culture food? Although it is a staple grain in many countries today, maise is an American native, with Mexico having the most selection. At most, ten types of corn are planted in the United States. In the country, there are 59 distinct varieties.

fun facts about Mexico
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20. It has 35 UNESCO World Heritage sites

Mexico is the American nation with the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites due to its abundance of historical and natural wonders. 27 of the 35 sites in the country are cultural sites, six are natural sites, and two are mixed sites.

21. The country's buses and metro have women-only compartments

Despite the notion that Mexican women are continually mistreated, women in Mexico are highly affluent. There are separate subway car lanes for women in Mexico City and buses just for them.

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22. Mexico City Is home to the Chinampas

The term "chinampa" describes an agricultural method in which crops were grown on the lake bottoms of the Valley of Mexico in relatively tiny plots of arable land. An indigenous group devised this method, which was then expanded upon by the Aztecs.

23. The country's Independence Day is not Cinco De Mayo

Mexican Independence Day and Cinco de Mayo are different, even though Americans frequently mistake them for one another. 16 September is recognised as a national holiday in Mexico and is known as Mexican Independence Day.

24. US citizens make up the majority of immigrants

The majority of foreign-born Americans are of Mexican descent. However, the majority of immigrants in the country are American citizens. In Mexico, there are over 750,000 US citizens, based on the 2010 Census.

25. UNESCO recognises Mexican food

What is one of the fun facts about Mexican culture? The country's cuisine is unique compared to other cuisines. The nation's cuisine differs by location and is frequently influenced by traditional beliefs and practices. Because of this, it was included on the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2010.

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fun facts about Mexico
People in front of the building. Photo: pexels.com, @rafael-guajardo
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Above are some fun facts about Mexico you should know about. Mexico is a nation in southern North America. In addition to the Federal District, there are 31 states in the country. Like the United States of America, every state has its laws, rules, and forces.

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