How to play Snaps game: A simple guide for all ages

How to play Snaps game: A simple guide for all ages

Social games encourages social interaction and communication among players. One such popular game is Snaps, a social interactive activity that is ideal for various settings, such as parties, family gatherings, or team-building events. But do you know how to play the Snaps game?

Snaps game
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Snaps is a popular game, but many people do not know how to play it. Its complexity can fluctuate based on a player's familiarity with it, as well as their ability to observe and think quickly. It also has some rules you should master before playing.

What is the Snaps game?

It is a social game of mystery and deduction where players communicate a secret word to each other using a series of finger clicks and coded phrases. It is easy for children to play, and fun and challenging for adults.

Snaps game rules

Snaps require at least two players: the snapper and the receiver. The snapper selects a secret word and communicates it to the other players (the receivers) using coded sentences and snaps (finger clicks).

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Once the receivers guess the word correctly, the players can choose a new snapper for the next round. This rotation continues, allowing everyone a chance to be the snapper.

What are the roles of the snapper and the receiver?

The snapper is the player who initiates the round by choosing a secret word, often the name of a famous person or character. The snapper's role is to communicate this word to the receivers using a combination of coded sentences and finger clicks. There can be only one snapper at a time.

The receivers, on the other hand, are the other players who listen to the snapper's statements and snaps to try to guess the word correctly. There can be one or multiple receivers during gameplay.

How do you play Snaps the game?

Snaps game
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Playing involves a series of steps. It begins with a player choosing a word and spelling it to the other participants. Here is a detailed guide on how to play Snaps.

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1. Select a word

The round begins with the snapper selecting a word (preferably the name of a famous person or character). The snapper should keep this word a secret from the other players.

2. Give a clue to your receiver

Before the snapper starts spelling out letters with statements and finger clicks, they should clue the receivers about the nature of the word with a simple sentence. If they are spelling the name directly, they say, "Snaps is the name of the game", to let the receiver know that they are spelling out the name of a person. If they are spelling a clue, the snapper says, "Snaps isn't the name of the game",

3. Spell the word

After cluing the receivers, the snapper communicates the word to the receivers by spelling it out using a combination of statements and snaps. They include:

  • Consonants: For consonants, the snapper constructs a sentence or statement where the first word starts with the same letter as the one they're trying to convey. For example, if they choose "Barack Obama," their first letter is a "B." They'll clue the receiver by starting with a sentence like "Better than before" to let the receiver know that the first name of the person or the clue is "B."
  • Vowels: For vowels, the snapper clicks their fingers to correspond to a specific vowel. "A" is one, "E" is two, "I" is three, "O" is four, and "U" is five finger clicks. For example, for the second letter of "Barack Obama," the snapper would give one clear snap for an "A."

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However, players should note that the snapper cannot provide a clue for the spaces between words.

4. Guess the word

Receivers listen to the snapper's statements, finger-click, and try to guess the word. To complete the round, receivers must guess the word correctly.

What are the phrases for the Snaps game ?

Snaps game
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Phrases are words used by the snapper to communicate the consonants of the secret word. If the snapper is giving a clue about a name, they say, "Snaps isn't the name of the game." If spelling out the name, they say, "Snaps is the name of the game."

What does it mean when "snaps isn't the name of the game"?

When the snapper says, "Snaps isn't the name of the game," it means they are going to spell out a clue about the name, but not the name itself. For example, if the snapper wants the receivers to guess "Barack Obama," they could click their fingers to give out the clue "first black President".

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How do you play Celebrity Snap?

Celebrity Snap is a party game where players guess the names of celebrities. It is an entirely different game from Snap.

In Celebrity Snap, players write down the names of celebrities and then take turns picking a name and giving clues about the celebrity without saying their name. The game continues until all the players have guessed all the celebrity names.

Above is a comprehensive guide on how to play the Snaps game. It contains detailed instructions, rules, and the strategy behind the coded phrases. It also provides examples of scenarios during gameplay. featured an informative piece about the latest Metro games in order. Metro are a series of post-apocalyptic first-person shooter video games that are part of a larger franchise that includes novels.

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