Application letter as a teacher in Ghana

Application letter as a teacher in Ghana

An application letter is your introduction to the human resource department as well as all the other related people such as the hiring manager of any institution. There might be similar formats to follow in different fields such as business or the arts, but your application letter as a teacher requires effort as well as time. Applying for a teaching position in Ghana can be hard especially for students that are fresh out of campus, but with the tips and samples below you can easily land the job.

Application letter as a teacher in Ghana: How to write a captivating letter
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There are different ways of crafting an application letter for teacher positions, but all that matters is keeping your content well-organized and professional. Below is a comprehensive guide on how to write application letter for teaching job in school.

Application letter for teaching job in school

Follow the tips below to ensure your application letter impresses your potential employees and give you a chance to follow your passion.

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Business Format

The first step towards writing the perfect application letter for a teaching job is ensuring it follows a business letter format. As such, your letter should not only be well organized but also adhere to clean language with a professional tone. Input the date and your address as well as that of your future employer.

In most instances, a dear sir introduction would work but if you are not sure who runs the school, be sure to seek counsel from the school district. You can also use Dear Human Resources Manager as pleasantries or Dear Administrator. After the address and introductory remarks, your next step should be including all the relevant information required.

Relevant Information

The best cover letter should always be targeted and contain all the relevant details of the potential employee. As such, your cover letter should begin with the specific position you wish to occupy in the school. Be sure to reveal how you knew about the open slot and don’t be afraid to name-drop if the person you heard it from works in the same school district.

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An application letter for teaching job in school is somewhat similar to your CV. Your employers do not spend a lot of time looking at the schools you attended, but your score. As such, make sure after introducing yourself and the position you wish to apply for as well as explaining how you learned about the interview, the next step should be focusing on your strengths.


Job descriptions have numerous clues regarding the type of things you should be aiming to impress your future employees within your cover letter. However, most people solely focus on the job and maybe the salary or get excited by the fact that they have a job and forget to pay close attention to the hints presented by employers regarding the type of teacher they wish to employ.

Your qualifications might be impressive, but to ultimately win your employer’s trust, you need to include action verbs that will alert them to your sense of responsibility. Do not just focus on the class you are supposed to teach or the subject but on the institution’s mission and vision as well. Their values should be of utmost importance to you as well and should be reflected in your strengths as well as achievements and traits.

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Do not repeat the content contained in your resume. If you have to refer to any figure in the CV, simply say, kindly refer to the attached resume. It is also essential to mention your affiliations such as other schools you have taught and your role in the institution. It could have been as a student, volunteer, substitute teacher, or student teacher, but make sure it shows in your application letter.

Cover letters are also different regarding the level of professionalism that can be witnessed in different employees. Some might be fresh out of college, while others might come with little to no expertise regarding teaching despite graduating years ago. However, most teachers switching schools have a little or a lot of experience. Here is an application letter as a teacher sample to familiarize you more with the process of writing ne for yourself.

Sample teacher cover letter with experience

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Victor Lemodo

Box 45, Accra Ghana

M: 0547635434


Mr. Ruther Turlin

Human Relations Manager

Accra International School

Box, 46, Accra Ghana

Dear Sir

Re: Math teacher

I am writing to apply for the position of a math teacher as advertised by your institution on the Daily Graphic.

I have worked professionally as a teacher for five years and attained my bachelor’s degree in pure math from Winneba’s University of Education. I currently worked in immaculate preparatory school, and my methods have helped increase the school’s overall grade when it comes to mathematics over the past three years.

I encourage children to achieve higher heights and make this subject interesting even for children who prefer the languages or arts. By giving them quality education at young age, I believe I play my part in ensuring the institution I work for produces not only the best students but professionals as well.

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Given the opportunity, I believe I can help your reputable organization reach even higher heights in the coming years. I look forward to the chance of discussing my application further as well as the contribution I can make to your institution.

Yours Sincerely


Victor Lemodo

Experienced teachers are no different from university graduates fresh out of campus regarding teaching opportunities in Ghana. However, most institutions might favor the experienced teacher at the expense of the university fresher due to their experience. Still, there are ways you can script your application letter as a fresh university graduate and beat applicants with years of experience.

Application letter teacher fresh graduate

As we speak, most companies are looking for fresh graduates due to the latter’s ability to see the world from a different angle. Syllabuses and education systems might change, but the primary reason these institutions exists is to teach children. However, unlike generations pose different challenges prompting teachers to adopt specific methods of teaching.

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As a fresh graduate, your chances of getting a teaching job in Ghana can be significantly increased if you follow the guidelines below. However, before you write a single letter on the paper, your confidence must be high considering you are selling knowledge without experience. The most important thing for fresh graduates to remember when writing application letters is originality.

Application letter as a teacher in Ghana: How to write a captivating letter

Plagiarism has cost so many people well-paying jobs due to a lack of ingenuity. As a teacher, you will be dealing with all types of characters. As such, you need to demonstrate your fluidity regarding any changes and ability to impress even with little information to follow up in the background.

Not to mention, it might be from South America while you are in Ghana and look applicable to your situation, but never plagiarize your application letter as a fresh graduate. At this moment, your cover letter should match your professional as well as personal life with the needs of the institution at hand. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have experience, the content of the application letter is what convinces the board or human resource manager to welcome you to their institution.

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Sample application letter for secondary teacher fresh from university

Joseph Kimmich

876 Accra



Ms. Emeli Zuria


Winners’ secondary school

45 Accra


Dear Ms. Emeli

Re: Job Application

I am a recent graduate with a BA degree in linguistics and hold distinctions in over eight areas. I am confident of acquiring the position advertised by your institution on (date) in the national newspaper. I excel at both contemporary as well as standard teaching methods, and some of them can help make your school’s results even better.

Technology is also a fast-rising teaching aid, and as such, I took the liberty of studying and perfecting activities-based teaching methods. These tactics are the future of education and are already being used in thousands of institutions around the globe to great results. Since your institution is about to welcome the same technology, I feel my knowledge of the same can benefit both the teachers and the students in your school. I also have a knack for teaching and an ability to handle different emotions as well as different characters due to my love for children.

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I will reach out in the coming week to arrange a meet up so we can discuss my qualification as well as what I bring to your institution more. However, if you wish to call first, kindly find my number on the attached resume.

I look forward to working with your institution.

Yours sincerely

(Sign here)

Joseph Kimmich

The cover above can also be used by someone as an application letter for teacher job without experience. The only difference will be the institutions the potential employees studied in and their respective achievements. It can also be used as a cover letter for teaching job fresher considering it is drafted with a university graduate without experience in mind. Just like the first example above regarding the math teacher, an application letter for English teacher should focus on both grammar as well as the teacher’s prowess.

Considering that an English teacher mostly focuses on language and literature, they should be well-versed regarding the subject as well as the teaching knowledge required. Their communication skills should be unmatched and at least hold a degree in English literature. Teaching experience comes in handy for anybody seeking a career as an English teacher.

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Teaching job application letter examples are all over the internet at the moment, but none of them will do you any good if you do not understand what you can offer as well as what the institution that’s hiring requires. Most employers are not only looking for a good grade but commitment to their school, hard and soft skills that might be transferable, unique talents, as well as the greatest strengths.

As such, be sure to conduct thorough research regarding the institution to ensure your application letter stands out from the crowd. Also, remember to write the cover letter with conviction as well as a clear passion for both teaching and the institution you wish to work under. Your teaching enthusiasm should be clear for the reader to see as well as your commitment to the learners. Lastly, be sure to include some of the teaching methods you use as well as testimonials and quotes.

Sometimes, it’s not the academic papers that enable most teachers to land well-paying jobs and pursue their dream, but their zeal for the job.

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