List of Airtel offices in Accra and their location

List of Airtel offices in Accra and their location

Airtel is a telecommunications company in Ghana that offers affordable as well as convenient services packaged specifically to suit the needs of every Ghanaian. At Airtel offices in Accra, things are done differently as compared to other telecommunication companies. This is because Airtel strives to ensure that people get to connect without spending more that they can afford. Currently most Ghanaians have chosen Airtel because it gives a better option with its strong network reception across the country.

List of airtel offices in Accra and their location

With Airtel, life is now simpler for businesses as well because it offers business solutions connection to a data plan that is affordable. Other outstanding services include the prepaid and the post paid services, partners, Airtel care application, Airtel money and many other internet offers. With Airtel, seldom do you get bored thanks to streaming videos off the Internet, watching live games, sending money to loved ones just to mention but a few of the benefits you enjoy from the service provider.

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Where are Airtel offices location in Ghana?

Below is a list of Airtel offices location in Accra;

1. Airtel Ghana head office

Precisely, Airtel Ghana head office is located at number 30 Independence Avenue, GNAT heights, North Ridge, Accra.

Here, customers can come and report their various sim related problems in an effort to seek assistance. The customer care team is a very friendly unit. Once you visit, be sure to go back with all your sim troubles addressed. More so, other services that do take place at the head office are; the replacements of sim cards, purchase of new sim cards, connection of phones to the Airtel network and further, general issues related to the Airtel sim card can be addressed.

Needless to point out, Airtel Ghana head office is faced with the challenge of monitoring the company’s performance and reporting to higher authorities.

2. Airtel office at Osu

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At Osu, Airtel Ghana office is located at the oxford street opposite Frankie’s.

As a resident of Osu, there is no need to visit the head office to seek assistance with your Airtel line troubles. To point out, all Airtel personnel are a highly trained team of professionals who provide the best services. Pay a visit to Airtel office in Osu to get answers to all your inquiries.

3. Airtel office at Ring Road

List of Airtel offices in Accra and their location
Airtel in Accra

At Ring Road you can find an Airtel shop at the Nima Highway next to Ecobank.

This shop provides Airtel services as replacement of sim cards, registration of new sim cards as well as the other services related to the Airtel line as Airtel Money and mobile banking. Airtel is simply diverse, no wonder a majority of Ghanaains have chosen it.

4. Airtel office at Accra Mall

This Airtel shop finds itself at a popular spot because many people opt to visit malls to spend some quality time with friends and loved ones. On your visit to Accra Mall, be sure to check out an Airtel office there located between the Fusion Salon and Stanbic Bank, Tetteh Quarshie interchange. Once you get there, the warm customer care personnel will cordially welcome you in preparation to satisfy all your needs. The Accra Mall is one of the outstanding landmarks in Accra with a majority of people being conversant with its location. Make inquiries in this popular-spot located Airtel phone shops in Ghana

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5. Airtel office at Achimota Mall

The Achimota Mall is a well known mall in Ghana thanks to its diversity. Part of which, is the Airtel shop located in it which has become abuzz for Airtel customers who have access to the mall. If you live close to the mall and you would like to know more about Airtel services, feel free to visit the Airtel shop located in this mall.

The shop is located near Cetera and Unique Aroma. It is shop number 71 and it’s authorized to sell Airtel sim cards besides offering a number of Airtel authorized services. Airtel services are exceptional, talk of a fast and convenient service.

With Airtel setting up network boosters in a number of places, they ensure that every region has access to the Airtel network.

6. Airtel office at Marina Mall Kiosk

For people living around this area, access the first floor of this mall, next to Grosvenor Marina Mall and freely inquire anything about the Airtel. A team of well-trained Airtel Ghana customer care will give you guidance on the network and they will help you to stay connected. With airtel, you will spend less and get more as compared to other networks where the vice versa happens. This shop is also equipped with Airtel sim cards you can get yourself one if you have got non.

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7. Airtel office at Kaneshie

List of Airtel offices in Accra and their location

The airtel shop at this location is situated at Abbossey Okai between Access Bank and the Fidelity Bank.

The shop has very clear landmarks thus chances of getting lost are very minimal. Part of the reason people fail to switch to better networks is because they fail to recognize the validated shops and the offers that a certain telecommunications provider gives. More so, folks tend have a habit of not inquiring but rather take other peoples opinions on a subject matter.

Airtel shops are set up for purposes of giving correct information about the Airtel network. Visit any shop or office that is near you and get first hand information.

8. Airtel office at Tema

At Tema, an Airtel office is located near the Fidelity Bank at the road junction.

This office, just like the other Airtel offices in Ghana, offers similar customer support services. You don’t have to pay so that your questions can be answered. Instead you will be directed on what to do and how to do it. The Airtel Ghana customer care attends to all individuals subscribed to the Airtel network services and this ensures equality to all its customers.

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9. Airtel office at Madina

Airtel office Ghana at Madina is located at Zongo in Junction Shell.

If you live around this place, there is no need to seek assistance far yet there is an Airtel shop at Madina ready to help you. Access the Airtel shop at Madina and ensure you feel free to make all the inquires concerning the Airtel network.

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10. Airtel office at Spintex

In Accra you can find another Airtel shop at Spintex Road, Basket Bus Stop behind Unibank. Inside this shop, all Airtel services are offered.

As the saying goes, seeing is believing, access this shop at Spintex and see to it that you get assisted as you so deserve.

11. Airtel office at A &c shopping mall

List of Airtel offices in Accra and their location
Airtel Ghana

This popular mall has an Airtel shop in it. It is located next to Raculani Classicc, East Leon.

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The shop is in the first floor of this mall. When you get there, look for an Airtel sign or simply ask around to pinpoint its exact position. A &c shopping mall is a distinct landmark and once you get there you shall be assisted in the best way possible

The Airtel customer care number Ghana

The official Airtel Ghana contact is 0260 000 100. Airtel Ghana customers not within the country can use +233 260 000 100.

Airtel Ghana contact is often open for all to make calls. To inquire more about the location of the nearest shop to you, simply make a call to this number and you shall be served distinctly well.

It is quite notable for people to be gratefull about being welcomed and appreciated. Airtel makes sure that all its customers feel free to air their views. These views contribute to the general improvement of the network. If your region has bad reception call the customer care and they will be glad to have a technical team fix it. Airtel recognizes the importance of all of its customers and thus its services are geared towards retaining them as they gain more.

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Airtel is a unique network thanks in part to its convenience. This network has something for everyone and in my opinion everyone should be connected to it. Prepaid and post-paid services are readily available, making transactions, mobile banking and much more. To understand how the services work, visit any of the shops listed above. If you would like to know about their offers, you can as well inquire and get first hand information concerning the same.

All in all, Airtel is not only broadening; the vibrant personnel who are well trained to give customer-tailored services, committment to customer satisfaction and diversification are just but a few. Needless to note is that Airtel Ghana is a legally registered company which means, any issues that may arise can be easily aired out in any of its offices across Ghana. Airtel has diversified its network so that a large population of Ghana can access its affordable services. The telecommunications giant is growing each new day and as a customer, you should be ready to move with it. Having access to a fast network is becoming more of a necessity rather than a luxury.

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