A complete guide on how to use a pendulum for beginners (with photos)

A complete guide on how to use a pendulum for beginners (with photos)

Spirituality has become a way of living, with many people embracing the idea of the existence of something much bigger than themselves. To strengthen personal connection, people are turning to pendulums for help. Pendulums help release blocked energy in the body and heal people emotionally and spiritually. Here is a beginner's guide on how to use a pendulum.

Different types of pendulums
People use a pendulum to find answers to questions. Photo: The Pendulum Parlour on Facebook (modified by author)
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What is a pendulum used for? People use it to find answers to questions, make decisions, and eliminate bad vibes. It emerges as a beacon, offering a pathway to tap into your innate spiritual intuition and wisdom. To use it, ask a question, hold the pendulum still, and observe the movements for different responses.

A complete guide on how to use a pendulum for beginners

How do pendulums work? There are many ways to use it, but most involve holding it and asking the right questions. Some people say that when you use a pendulum, you ask your inner self questions. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use a pendulum.

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1. Prepare your mind

Suspended crystal pendulums
The use of a pendulum requires a relaxed mind. Photo: @moldavitefamily, @thecuratorsclub (modified by author)
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Preparing yourself involves shutting out every external noise. This can be achieved through taking deep breaths, releasing every ounce of stress and anxiety and focusing on your internal self. You can also light candles and use essential oils while listening to Zen music. You must relax to make it effective, and you will slowly shift to your higher self.

2. Position yourself and your pendulum and connect with it

Sit down with your pendulum in a comfy spot. Relax as much as possible. Hold the pendulum in your hand and give it a good look. Hold it between your thumb and index finger. Let it dangle freely, ensuring the string or chain is long enough to allow movement.

Show respect by holding it close to your heart in your fist for a few seconds or breaths to feel more connected. It is important to be connected to the pendulum before you begin the ritual.

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3. Program your pendulum's signals

To achieve pendulum divination, sit upright and place both feet flat on the ground if possible. Hold its fob between your thumb and forefinger. Alternatively, you can hold it anywhere along its chain; just make sure there's a few inches between your fingers and the weight stone.

You should curve your wrist slightly and rest your forearm (not your hand) on a stable surface like a table edge or chair arm. Let it hang freely. Aim to keep steady, but it's okay if your hand trembles slightly. It won't impact the results.

4. Verify the signals

A person using a pendulum
The pendulum responds to each question differently. Photo: The Pendulum Parlour on Facebook (modified by author)
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This exercise requires understanding how your body reacts to the two questions. Hence, you must slightly raise the pendulum to 6 to 8 inches above your palm. Try an 'easy yes/no' test and find the answers to the questions you already know, like "My name is..." See how it responds to each question and remember the reactions for future use.

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5. Program your pendulum's source

Hold it in your hand to program its source and focus on the energy around you. Allow it to tap into your subconscious or higher self. You can think about your intention for the pendulum, such as seeking guidance, clarity, or insight.

Repeat the process regularly to reinforce the connection and programming of your pendulum, ensuring its alignment with your intentions and energy.

6. Go ahead and ask your questions

Remember that the pendulum only answers yes or no questions. Therefore, these questions can only be answered by yes or no. Make sure they are clear and specific so that accurate responses are received. Here are some cool questions you can ask:

  • Will I enjoy the stories in this book?
  • Is it in my best interest to buy this item?
  • Is today Monday?
  • Am I wearing a blue shirt?
  • Is my favourite colour green?
  • Am I currently indoors?
  • Will it rain in (name of your town) tomorrow?
  • Did I eat breakfast this morning?

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7. Wait for the answer

A picture of different types of pendulums
Observe how the pendulum moves in response to your questions. Photo: Crystal & Co Australia on Facebook. (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Observe how the pendulum moves in response to your questions. Remember the signals you established and interpret the movements accordingly. Trust your intuition and the signals you receive from it. Sometimes, the answers may not be what you expect but trust the process.

8. Clear the pendulum

After each question, reset the pendulum by touching its weight stone to your free hand's palm or another surface. This indicates that your good question has been addressed, and you're prepared for the next one. Once you're done, thank it for its guidance and assistance.

Types of pendulums you can buy

Every pendulum is as unique as you are! While all of them can be utilised for dowsing tasks, their characteristics, such as shape, form, and material, significantly influence their performance in the dowser's hand. They come in a diverse range of materials, crafted to cater to various preferences and needs as follows:

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1. Crystal pendulums

Crystal pendulums
Crystal pendulums can be used for healing: Go Vita Bateau Bay on Facebook. (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

They are some of the best pendulums for healing purposes. Crystals such as quartz, amethyst, or rose quartz are commonly used due to their energetic properties. Every crystal in the pendulum carries different energy, making it so powerful. They are also suitable for guidance, cleansing and proper care.

2. Wood pendulums

Wooden pendulums
Wooden pendulums respond faster than other types of pendulums. Photo: The Happy Turner on Facebook. (modified by author)
Source: Facebook

These pendulums are crafted from wood, often chosen for their grounding properties and connection to nature. They can come in various shapes and sizes, with different types of wood used, each believed to carry its unique energy. The most common wood pendulums are made of yew.

Wooden pendulums, while larger in size than brass or crystal ones, are light and respond faster than other types. Unlike crystal pendulums, which are known to accumulate subtle energies and often require "clearing" before use, wooden ones, being non-conductors, do not retain such energies.

This neutral characteristic makes wood pendulums suitable for various dowsing tasks. They are great for chakra healing, grounding, meditation, and emotional healing.

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3. Metal pendulums

Metal pendulums
Pendulums can reveal the right answer if you ask the right questions. Photo: Daughters Of Salem on Facebook. (modified by author)
Source: Facebook

Your subconscious holds the most accurate answers no matter your struggles. A metal pendulum can reveal these to you if you ask the right questions. The best metals to use for pendulums are sterling silver and copper.

However, you will find a combination of zinc, copper, iron, and other components making brass pendulums. These metals have the most conductive materials, with powerful energy properties. A metal pendulum is dependable and can detect subtle energy fluctuations effectively.

What are pendulums used for?

They are often used in divination, healing, and spiritual practices. They are believed to facilitate a connection with the Earth's energy, grounding and promoting balance in people's lives.

What do you say before using a pendulum?

Before using it, you may say a brief prayer to focus your energy and set the purpose for the session.

How do you use a pendulum to get answers?

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Hold the pendulum, ask clear questions that require yes/no answers, and interpret its movements.

How do you use a pendulum to find something?

For instance, if you lost your car keys in the house, ask your pendulum if your car keys are in each room, moving on until you get a yes. Once you do, go to that room's entrance and use it to guide you in the right direction.

How does a pendulum work when asking questions?

Its necklace harnesses your inner energy and guidance from your spiritual mentors to respond to yes or no inquiries. Its purpose is to offer clarity and insight into specific situations.

Which way does a pendulum swing for a yes answer?

It all depends on an individual and how they have set the yes or no answer. Therefore, swing in one direction, clockwise for yes, then counterclockwise for no.

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What does it mean when a pendulum goes back and forth?

When a pendulum swings back and forth, it undergoes a periodic motion characterised by repetitive oscillations around a fixed point. Its motion results from the interplay of gravitational force and inertia.

Now, you know how to use a pendulum if you are a beginner. Remember, you must shut out all outside noise, connect with your pendulum and ask the right questions. You can try this for grounding, healing, or emotional balance if you are spiritual.

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