How to pack shoes for moving: Full guide and tips that will help you protect your shoes

How to pack shoes for moving: Full guide and tips that will help you protect your shoes

Moving is a real bother, especially if you have a lot of possessions to bring along. After all, in addition to packing your things, you must ensure they have been packed securely and properly. This is particularly true if you own pricey gadgets, high-end appliances, unique works of art, and delicate goods. But how about your collection of footwear? While shoes aren't particularly fragile, they must be packaged carefully. Learn how to pack shoes for moving without damaging them.

How to pack shoes for moving
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Discovering effective ways to pack shoes can simplify your preparations, whether moving into a new home, going on a weekend getaway, or taking a long trip. While packing shoes, particularly heavier ones like boots, a little extra care can ensure they stay in good condition, maintain their shape, and not harm your other valuables. So, what is the best way to pack shoes when moving?

Guide on how to pack shoes for moving

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Organising your footwear for a move might be difficult, given the numerous varieties with a wide range of owners and storage requirements. That said, what is the best way to pack shoes for moving? Below are all the secure moving guidelines for footwear.

1. Sort according to style or season

Take out every shoe from your closet and categorise them into pairs. Try to arrange them in groups according to similar fashions, such as sneakers, sandals, flats and heels. Alternatively, organise them according to the season, with sandals for summer and boots for winter. Pick a method that fits your needs and your footwear collection.

2. Remove the ones you don't wear

Before you begin packing, put aside any footwear that is damaged, out-of-date, or inappropriate sizes rather than carrying them with you. If the shoes are still in decent condition, consider selling them yourself or seeing if you can donate them to a non-profit organisation or consignment store. Put them in the garbage if they're in worse condition.

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3. Put aside the ones you regularly wear

You want to avoid searching through the container with all the footwear to find the shoes you need for work or the ones you use daily. Put your daily footwear somewhere else so you may store them in a compact "go box" in your car for easy access.

4. Wash and dry

Dust off your shoes by using a brush to remove any loose dirt. If any stains or spots are tough to remove, wet a towel with soapy water and carefully clean the surface. After that, wait until your footwear is entirely dry before packing them.

5. Fill your shoes with wrapping papers

How to pack shoes for moving
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Roll some packing paper into a ball, then place it into your footwear. Fill up the entire space by pushing it to the toe. Your footwear may easily crumble and deform while packed with no wrapping paper.

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6. Wrap them with packing paper

Cut a massive square of wrapping paper and place it evenly on a table. Place one of your footwear on its side on the wrapper and roll the parchment over it. Then, lay the other shoe on the paper with the soles pointing in opposite directions. Fold the paper securely around the second shoe and seal it tight.

7. Place your shoes in shoeboxes if you have any

What is the easiest way to pack shoes? Put your wrapped footwear into your shoeboxes if you still have them. Fill any remaining space in the box with more wrapping paper or bubble wrap to seal it. Tape the shoebox shut so that your shoes do not fall out.

8. Put your shoes in a big box or a plastic container

How do you pack shoes for moving without shoeboxes? A medium or large box should suffice, depending on the number of footwear. Packages are inexpensive and easily obtained from moving supplies or hardware stores. However, they may sustain water damage.

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9. Set shoeboxes and bulkier shoes on the bottom

What is the best way to pack shoes in a box? To create a solid foundation, start by stacking your footwear boxes on the base of the container. Then, place any wrapped pairs of bulkier boots or trainers on top of the boxes. Fill the boxes to the brim with your shoes by continuing to layer them.

10. Add baking soda or tea bags to eliminate smells

To aid with odour absorption, utilise any of your selected teas. Place a few tea bags in the bigger container or straight into the shoeboxes to absorb odours. You might also use baking soda folded in gauze to eliminate all odours.

11. Use paper or bubble wrap to cover any vacant spaces

Fill empty spaces in the box with crumpled wrapping paper or bubble wrap. Shake the box vigorously to check if anything moves. If they stay steady, you can tape the box and get it ready to roll.

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12. Indicate which shoes are in the box

How to pack shoes for moving
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You can label each box with the style or season of the footwear you've placed inside it using a marker. To keep your belongings organised and to make it easier to find the box while unpacking, write clearly and in bold characters.


  1. How do professional movers pack shoes? They stuff pairs of footwear, wrap them in packing paper and put them in moving boxes.
  2. Is shoe box packing or loose packing better? Yes. It would help if you packed your footwear in the original cartons they arrived in.
  3. How do you pack sneakers for moving? The ideal approach to pack trainers for a move is to place each pair in a separate footwear box, then pack those boxes in a bigger moving carton.
  4. Is it better to keep shoes in boxes or out? Boxes shield items from the sun and keep dust from accumulating.
  5. How can I protect my shoes at home? To help avoid stains and damage, remove dirt and other particles after each wearing.
  6. Is it reasonable to store shoes in plastic shoe boxes? Footwear components and materials are easily damaged or worn out if not exposed to sufficient air circulation.
  7. How do you pack shoes without moving boxes? Plastic containers are often smaller, but they are an excellent water-resistant option.
  8. How do you store shoes without a box? For the ones you wear frequently, a rack or cabinet with an open front lets air circulate your footwear while preventing dust from gathering on sensitive fabrics.

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Above are the guides on how to pack shoes for moving. The ideal approach to packing footwear for relocation is determined by the space, time, and money available. recently published a guide on how to become a professional organiser. A skilled, certified organiser is a competent specialist who assists individuals or businesses in decluttering and streamlining their digital and physical spaces.

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