What state has the most serial killers in the United States of America?

What state has the most serial killers in the United States of America?

Serial killing is a widespread issue these days. It is displayed by various entertainment forums and pop culture, media news, and small-screen dramas that discuss the horrific deeds of these killers. In addition, there has been a surge in serial killings in the United States, so knowing which state has the most serial killers in the country is essential.

US serial assassins like Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gary, and Robert Pickton killed people and did violence of sadistic nature. While some do it for attention, financial gain, or thrill-seeking, medically, it is a psychological and emotional sickness that makes them derive joy in doing gruesome, cunning, brutal acts without flinching and regret.

What state has the most serial killers in the US?

While the government is trying its best possible to eliminate serial assassins in the country, it is worth noting that some of them still exist. Moreover, some of them evade being caught by setting up fake pieces of evidence or deceiving cops, among other strategies. So, which state has the highest number of them?

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Alaska seems to top the list as it is recorded to have the highest amount of violent crime rate in the country. The FBI statistics, at some point, reported that the state has 600 violent crimes per 100,000 people, making it twice as much as the national average, which is 372.6 per 100,000.


Florida is another state where several high-profile serial killings have been killed. Among those criminals are Ted Bundy and Aileen Wuornos. For instance, Bundy has murdered more than thirty victims in different states, including Utah, Washington, and California. As a result of this, he received the death penalty in 1989.


California serial killers have existed over the years. An example is Sam Little, who killed and admitted that he had killed a minimum of 90 women across the US over the decades in over 37 cities in 2014.

What state has the most serial killers
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In addition, people like Timothy McGhee, Charles Manson, Bruce Jeffrey Pardo, and Richard Ramirez, a.k.a. the Night Stalker, are some of the dangerous serial killers in California that have petrified and done harm to countless people.

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Since the 1900s, Texas has recorded around 800 serial killer murders. Although those caught were executed, that did not stop their operations. Among notable assassins that cannot be forgotten so soon is Robert Ben Rhoades, also known as The Truck Stop Killer. He reportedly murdered 50 people during his long haul trucking days and carted victims across the country.

There's also a psychotic pediatric nurse who injected 46 babies and toddlers with succinylcholine. Candy Man, privately known as Dean Corll, killed upwards of 29 boys in Houston in the early 1970s.

Serial killers in Washington state

Several notable serial killings have taken place in Washington. It has been an abode for killers, yet many unresolved murder cases have been held in the state. But unfortunately, Washington state investigators have had challenges fighting and apprehending serial assassins throughout the decades.

Although, as of June 2020, there are no known active serial assassins in the state, a few unsolved cases are still at hand. The Freeway Phantom, an unidentified serial killer who allegedly murdered six people between 1971 and 1972, the Tube Sock murders, a series of unsolved homicides in Mineral, Washington, in 1985, are a few killings that cannot be forgotten so soon.

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Worst serial killers in the USA

The United States reportedly has three times more serial killers per capita than any other country globally and has 67.58% of known serial assassins. Nevertheless, according to the Britannica, a few of the most notorious murderers include the following:

Jack the Ripper

Although his exact name is unknown, the killer appeared in London’s Whitechapel district in 1888 and killed five prostitutes. At the same time, he mutilated their corpses.

Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey started killing in 1978 when he was only just 18 years old. But then, it was until 1991 before he was eventually arrested. Dahmer killed 17 people and went to prison twice for molestation and murder before a fellow inmate killed him in 1994.

Harold Shipman

Also known as Dr Death, it is believed that Harold has killed at least 218 patients. Between 1972 and 1998, when the doctor practised, he worked in two different offices and killed people.

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Unfortunately for him, he got greedy and tried to concoct a will for a victim who named him a beneficiary, leading the victim’s daughter to become suspicious. After his conviction in 2000, he committed suicide while in prison in 2004.

Other notable ones in the United States include killer Joel Rifkin who killed nine women between 1989 and 1993 and was sentenced to 203 years in prison, David Berkowitz, Edmund Kemper, Larry Bittaker, and Roy Norris.


  1. How many serial killers are active in the US? According to the FBI, about 25 to 50 serial killers in the United States are yet to be caught.
  2. What country has the most serial killers? The US seems to have most of the most dangerous and notorious serial killers, with more than three in the capital. They also have over 67.58 per cent of famous serial assassins.
  3. What serial killer has the most kills? Although arguable, the serial killer noted to have the most kills is Dr Harold Shipam. He is recorded to have killed 218 to 250 persons and had 15 murder samples he was convicted for.
  4. Which US state has produced the most serial killers? According to the World Population Review website, California has the most serial assassins pegged at 1,628, though some others claim it is Alaska.
  5. Who killed the most humans in history? From 1958 to 1962, his Great Leap Forward policy led to the deaths of up to 45 million people, making it the biggest recorded episode of mass murder.
  6. What are the top five serial killers? According to Britannica, they are Jack the Ripper, Jeffrey Dahmer, Harold Shipman, John Wayne Gacy, and H.H. Holmes.

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What state has the most serial killers in the United States of America? It is assumed to be Alaska. Nevertheless, some other states like California, Washington, and Florida are also known for different major killings.

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