Catholic University College of Ghana fees and programs offered

Catholic University College of Ghana fees and programs offered

The Catholic University College of Ghana is an accredited university in Ghana. It is a private university under the Catholic Church located at Fiapre, Sunyani in Brong Ohafo region. The first Fawestudents in this university started at 2003 and since then the number keeps growing significantly. The chancellor is one Cardinal Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson. The Catholic University has diploma courses, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. The students have the option of choosing whichever course they want. The university does not only build an individual’s career but it ensures that a person is professional. The university also has extracurricular activities like football and many more.

catholic university college of ghana tuition fees
catholic university college of ghana courses
catholic university college of ghana admission forms

The university also upholds gender equality and it is focused on ensuring that the students are all rounded. The Catholic University has the following undergraduate programmes.

Catholic University College of Ghana courses

The school has 5 faculties. With time, the University will expand and more courses will be available. However all faculties or departments work together to ensure that all students are provided with maximum and quality knowledge. Below are the various faculty at CUCG Ghana and their respective programmes.

1. Faculty of Information and communication and science technology

This faculty has Bachelor of Science in Computer science, Actuarial science, and Information technology. This faculty is for students who want to explore the information and technology sector.

2. Faculty of Religious studies

It has Bachelor of Arts in Religious studies

3. Faculty of Education

This faculty has bachelor of education in science and mathematics, social science and accounting, Geography, computer science and religious studies and a diploma in education.

4. Faculty of Public health

The faculty has Bachelor of Science in public health education, Management and information. It also has Bachelor of Science in general nursing and public health.

5. Faculty of Economics and business administration

It has Bachelor of Science in Economics and business administration in accounting, management, economics and banking and finance. Other courses include bachelor f science in Human Resource management, management and organizational Development and procurement and supply chain management.

All faculties have heads of departments that ensure that learning goes well. The university has spacious lecture halls that accommodate all students very well. This university is affiliated with top universities like the University of Ghana Legon, University of cape coast and the international Catholic University. Since time in memorial, the Catholic University college has been providing qualified students and when they graduate and go to the outside world, they perform to the maximum. This university will soon be offering more undergraduate and postgraduate programmes that will ensure all students are catered for. Enroll today to experience this and more.

Catholic University of Ghana tuition fees

catholic university college of ghana tuition fees
catholic university college of ghana courses
catholic university college of ghana admission forms

The university has two modes of study; either regular or part time which is composed of weekend classes. Regular mode of study involves attending classes during the day. The regular classes are best for students taking up undergraduate classes. The weekend classes are more favorable for postgraduate students. This is because postgraduate courses are mainly done by individuals who are working and are already in the outside world. International students pay more as compared to Ghanaian students. The international students are all welcome in this university to enjoy quality education for the real world.

Fresh student fees for Undergraduates

The fees are normally revised each year because of the university policies that are adjusted every now and then. The fees are standardized as per the facilities and the services offered. Fresh students fees is a bit high compared to continuing students. Undergraduate, postgraduate and diploma programmes also have different fees to pay.

For diploma students, a diploma in education goes for GHC 1260 for the first and second semester which totals to GHC 2520. Continuing students have a smaller amount of fees. For example continuing students in the faculty of ICST pay GHC 1990. This does not apply for the other faculties though. Once the first fee is paid, the rest is basically smaller. Students who can’t afford the fees can apply for the student loan. The loan helps to pay for some of the school fees and the rest a student is able is able to sustain themselves with it. The Beauty of the Catholic University is that the Lecturers ensure that each student has access to quality education. The university is constantly growing and more students will be taken in in the next academic year. All students are therefore encouraged to apply early for the respective courses. All admission requirements are listed in the school website for the different students who would wish to enroll to the college.

Catholic University College of Ghana admission forms

If you are interested in joining this amazing university then you got to visit the university website. When you log in into the website, you will get all the information you need about the university, including all the news about this university. You can easily download the application forms and then later on fill them up. For more enquiries, go to the university and ask all the enquiries. The admission offices are always open for everyone.

Students also have an option of doing certificate courses. Some of the certificate courses include a certificate in computer packages and many more. The certificate courses help to boost an individual’s curriculum Vitae. To find out more about these courses, visit the campus and enquire. The school has also had a couple of events in the past and students get to show off their talents in different ways. This university ensures that students are in a position to do what they love and opportunities are limitless.

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Catholic University College of Ghana grading system

catholic university college of ghana tuition fees
catholic university college of ghana courses
catholic university college of ghana admission forms

Every University has its grading system. At Catholic University it’s not much different from the rest as they have their grading system too. The best grade is an A with marks ranging from 80-100. From 75-79 is a B+ which is ranked as very good. The other is a grade B from 0-74, and then grade C+ which is from 65-69 and from 60-64 is grade C. C is the average grade so that means below C is below average. From 55-59 is grade D+ and 50-54 is grade D. below D is an E which is unsatisfactory and below that is a Fail.

When you fail your exams you are then expected to re sit them. This of course is per the school curriculum that every student must adhere to. Any exam irregularities are also not taken lightly. In the past students have faced various consequences due to exam irregularities. This is a university that upholds total transparency.

For the graduates, to get a first class you need to have a mean grade point of 3.6-4.0. To get a second class upper division, you need to have a grade of 3.0-3.59. For the lower division, the grade is 2.0-2.99. Third class is 1.5-1.99 and a pass is 1-1.49. A person can only fail if they have a mean grade point of 0-0.99. This means that the grading is quit fair and anyone can pass in this university. The university does not allow cheating during exams and students who are caught get to face the disciplinary team. All students admitted to this university are qualified for it. To view the requirements visit the university or the university website.


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