Man Takes to Social Media to Narrate how long it took him to Acquire a Degree and get Employed

Man Takes to Social Media to Narrate how long it took him to Acquire a Degree and get Employed

  • A concerned man has opened up about how long it took him to acquire a university degree and land a job
  • He revealed that he landed a six figure salary at the age of 36 which was three years after gaining his degree
  • @MarcellGermain advised netizens not to be pressured by what they see on social media

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A young man has taken to social media to entreat netizens not to be intimidated by what they see on social media.

In his post on Twitter, @MarcellGermain shared that he acquired a degree when he was 33 years and three years later, he landed a six figure salary job.

@MarcellGermain encouraged individuals to pay no attention to the societal belief that once you have not made it by 25 years, you are a failure.

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Young man shares how long it took him to get a degree
Ghana cedis, graduate Photo credit: Jacek_Sopotnicki, John D. Buffington/Getty Images
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He entreated tweeps to just stay focused and trust the process.

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"I earned a degree at 33, I'm just now making over 6 figures and building my first home at 36. Social media will have you believing that you're a failure at 25 if you haven't achieved these things that I'm just now getting. Walk your own path, it'll come."

The post at the time of this publication has close to 300,000 likes with more than 60,000 retweets and 3,162 quote tweets. has highlighted a few of the 1,200 comments below;

@Gloriacandy98 commented:

I am 23, graduated in august and i feel like nothing is working in my favor. I have sent hundreds of job applications and i have had no job offers yet. I feel stuck and lost. When does it get better seriously? How soon does a person secure their first job?

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@Kenyancersei wrote:

20s are for discovering yourself I don’t know why everyone is pressed on achieving everything by 25 you have a whole life ahead of you


I understand you but that doesn't mean I still can't do those things before 26, Or am not supposed to get worried and push to get all these things at a very early age. The point is if it doesn't come now, just keep working till it later comes but don't stop wishing it comes now.

@Delson_Dela commented:

Just turned 24, Already felt like a failure. Realizing I’m still living off my parents for 24 years kills me. I’m in school, I don’t own a house or Car. Just a good Bicycle & dog breeding side business. This pressures, I think, are okay for a boy child’s dev. But patience is key.

From @destinyacoffey:

21 & one semester away from my bachelors but have to go to grad school to become a therapist. so stressed & feel like a failure. so worried i'm not gonna make it. still living off my parents as well.

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@stupidtrashboy replied:

Don't tell people this. Most people period are not making six figures and never will at any age. Don't shame individuals for the poverty that is baked into our system. earlier reported that a young lady with the Twitter name Bambi celebrated buying a house at the age of 22. She also boasted of earning a six-figure salary.

In the tweet she made on Monday, June 29, Bambi also said that though she would like to respond to everyone's questions, she could not because they were many, asking them to send her a DM.

The young achiever posed in the new house as seen in the photo she shared on the micro-messaging platform.


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