Ghanaian Man Attempts To Interview Lion, Hurries Off As The Animal Stares At Him, Video Trends

Ghanaian Man Attempts To Interview Lion, Hurries Off As The Animal Stares At Him, Video Trends

  • A video of a Ghanaian man who attempted to interview a lion in a fence has got people talking
  • The man wanted to find out if the biblical story of Samson's encounter with a lion ever happened
  • Many people who reacted to the post laughed at the action of the man, whereas disapproved of his act

A young Ghanaian man has sparked funny reactions online after a video of him trying to interact with a lion went viral.

The video sighted by on the X page of kwaw_weezy1 showed the moment some zoo-goers were seen admiring the lion in a fenced area, only for the man to come there with a microphone ready for an interview with the huge animal.

Photo of a Ghanaian man and lion
Ghanaian man attempts to interview a lion Photo credit: kwaw_weezy1/X
Source: Twitter

He surprisingly wanted to find out from the animal whether the popular biblical story of Samson's encounter with a lion was true or just fiction.

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Initially, the lion looked away, but the man, who was bent on getting a reaction, screamed across the fence, trying to get its attention.

As if he wanted the lion to speak, he moved closer to the fence with his microphone, only for the lion to roar, hence scaring him away.

The 1 minute- seven-second video, which was captioned "The lion vex", had raked in over 200,000 views and 300 comments at the time of writing the report.

Watch the video below

Ghanaians react to the video

Netizens who thronged the comments section of the video below laughed at the man, with some expressing disapproval over his act.

@judisky25 reacted:

Why r u running

@philskoy reacted:

Lion wey dey think of food u dey cm stress am

@_esewoara indicated:

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Whatever that joke u Wana make don't take it on Bible or on God's history ok. Take care cos u only have some seconds in God's timeThink about how long ur Satan has lived than that of how long God has lived. If u dont believe think abt how u can say it, but animals can't talk.

@OfficialAkwesi indicated:

They look malnourished it’s sad. Way too small for adult lions.

@rystoweenymusic commented:

Where are you running to . Thought you wanted to get close

Lady walks with two lions

Earlier reported that a young lady (@tshxlo_felo_) shared a video showing the moment she walked two big lions in a park without fear.

Wearing jean shorts and a black top, the lady walked majestically behind the animals as if they were pets.

The lions strutted before her like her escorts.


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