Single Mum Of 3 Who Hawks Kenkey Daily For GH¢20 Wage Receives Over GH¢3,000 To Start Own Business

Single Mum Of 3 Who Hawks Kenkey Daily For GH¢20 Wage Receives Over GH¢3,000 To Start Own Business

  • A Ghanaian single mother named Ama Darkowaa, who sells someone's Kenkey for a commission of GH¢20 ($1.68), has received support
  • The mum of three who hawks Fante Kenkey in Greater Kumasi received over GH¢3,000 ($251.58) following an appeal for support
  • Darkowaa had requested financial support of just GH¢700 ($58.70) to start her own business to fend for her children

A struggling Ghanaian single mother named Ama Darkowaa, who sells another person's kenkey for a commission of GH¢20 to fend for herself and her children, has received support.

The public donated money to the mother of three who walks across Greater Kumasi to sell Fante Kenkey.

Many others were moved by Ama Darkowaa's story, including Marivic Saladar from Canada, who contributed $100 CAD.

Photos of Ama Darkowaa.
Single mum of 3 who hawks Kenkey daily for GH¢20 wage gets support to start own business. Photo credit:
Source: UGC

Ama Darkowaa's appeal for help

Per, the poor mother, who travels great distances daily to sell, received people contributions totalling GH¢2,323.50 ($194.85).

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Darkowaa, who has apparently been hawking since she was 13, had requested just GH¢700 ($58.70) to launch her own business to support her nine, six, and four-year-old children.

Ama Darkowaa's daily sales

She revealed that she treks around to sell till she makes GH¢200 worth of sales for the day before she can get her little commission, reports.

''The business isn’t for me. I work for someone, and she pays me 20 cedis at the end of the day. I take a vehicle from Adankwame to Abrepo Junction at ₵5.50Pesewas and then walk anywhere I want to sell,'' Ama said, according to

The Adankwame D/A Junior High School alumna dropped out of school in year two when she got pregnant first and had no support.

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She has lived in Adankwame with her maternal aunt since she was three, while her parents live at Asanko in the Amansie area. Darkowaa recently received some form of help following her appeal for financial support.

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