Mum Who Took Daughter To Grandma's House Returns To Meet Her without Hair: "I'm Devastated"

Mum Who Took Daughter To Grandma's House Returns To Meet Her without Hair: "I'm Devastated"

  • A video showing a baby's hairdo before visiting her grandmother and her transformation after the visit has gone viral
  • The beautiful baby who visited her grandmother with a full hair surprisingly returned home with bald hair
  • Netizens who watched the clip shared via TikTok recounted their experiences with family members who did something similar to their children

A baby's 'before and after' look after visiting her grandmother has ignited tons of reactions from internet users.

In the video shared by the baby's mother @tawanatr on TikTok, the baby was first captured with a nearly braided hairstyle before visiting her grandmother.

Mum in pain as daughter's grandma cuts her hair without informing her
Mum devastated as daughter's grandma cuts her hair Photo credit: @tawanatr/TikTok.
Source: UGC

Mother in tears over little daughter's transformation

Tawa said she could not hide her tears when she returned to take her child but discovered that her grandma had shaved her hair.

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Her grandmother took a drastic decision to give the little girl a haircut for reasons best known to her.

Reactions as grandma cut little girl's hair

The video sparked lots of reactions and outrage from people who advised the mother to take action against her mother for cutting her baby's hair without informing her.

Others shared their experiences dealing with family members who did such things without informing them.

Tasers|Defense-Tools in Ibadan said:

“Grandma will only see pictures of her till she's a teenager.”

@mchella86 said:

“My aunt did that with my son's hair. Baby let me tell you 15yrs later still don't speak.”

RAYNE H 3 O said:

“I swear my daughter grandmother did this two days B4 her 1st BD & and haven't seen her since my daughter 30 now real talk.”

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Brandon Roy said:

“Baby just happy to be involved. She just smiling not knowing she got a fresh fade.”

_Zay2xs commented:

“Wassup with grandparents cutting the hair it's like they stay doing it.”

Paige said:

“The way I screamed. I thought her hair was just gonna be messy like she played too hard at grandmas. I would lose my mind.”

@rhian reacted:

“What's with grandparents and shaving hair because my mum and dad are dying for me to shave my daughter's.”

Lottie said;

“No way @ I'm absolutely devastated for you.”

MintTea_0313 said;

“Sorry to ask but did she get her ears pierced too? I noticed earrings in the second clip and none in first clip.”

@sawariii reacted:

"She won't see her again if that's my child. My aunt did that with my son's hair. 15 years later still don't speak."

@vodka aunt said:

“The way I was expecting messy curls and pjs vs the way my jaw DROPPED.”

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9thGenNintendo said:

“What is even the reasoning for this? Like what does this solve?”

Watch the video below:

Dotting father makes his daughter's hair, touching video goes viral

Meanwhile, previously reported how social media users praised a dotting dad because of how well he treated his daughter.

In a video trending on TikTok, the good father was spotted helping his daughter to make her hair.

A caption on the video says the man had just returned from work when he suspended his rest to attend to his daughter.

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