Woman In Tears As Baby Dies During Delivery, Video Stirs Emotions: "My 9 Months Went In Vain"

Woman In Tears As Baby Dies During Delivery, Video Stirs Emotions: "My 9 Months Went In Vain"

  • A Nigerian lady stirred emotions online after sharing an emotional video of herself crying uncontrollably at home
  • The young lady lamented that her nine months of pregnancy was in vain as she lost her baby while giving birth
  • Netizens who had gone through the same fate stormed the comments section to encourage the grieving woman

A heartbroken Nigerian woman has tearfully mourned the demise of her baby, who died during delivery.

The lady identified as @jiahairline on TikTok cried bitterly in a viral video as she narrated her ordeal to the public.

Woman cries uncontrollably after losing her unborn baby
Woman loses unborn baby at 9 months Photo credit: @jiahairline/TikTok.
Source: UGC

Lady mourns death of her baby

She lamented in the emotional video that her nine months of pregnancy and stress were in vain.

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However, she noted that despite being sad and emotional, she could not question God's ways.

In her words:

“My 9 months went in vain. Who am I to question God?”

Reactions as lady loses baby

Netizens took to the comments section to share similar experiences and sympathise with her.

@bukolamit said:

“I went through cs but am not even able to see the babies. I was told they are inside incubator that till after 1 week before I will be able to see them without knowing they already bury them.”

@oyinadejoke said:

“I went through CS nd still not see my baby. My sis I got preg after seven mnth nd was bless with

TWINS GIRLS. May GOD wipes your tears with TRIPLETS." God's

Bushro said:

“My sister thank God for everything, we have hope, I did as but I was not able to see my baby boy.”

@kennee said:

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“May God give u the strength to.”

Hicks Honest said:

“I pray against waist 9months to all pregnant women Allah, I don't want to be hear such bad news bous it's not easy.”

@prettytessy123 said:

“Same thing happen to last year nov 28 i lost my only chlid 18years old a boy i was sad.”

@coperatecomputers said:

“Take heart. My wife lost our baby boy too few minutes after birth in Sept 2023. alhamdulilai she's 3 month pregnant now.”

@thatigalagurl said:

“God pls don't let it be my portion. As person born me make me self born person inshallah.”

Gift reacted:

“I see most of the comments here are mothers that have lost their babies. I pray God comfort all of you a and give you double blessings.”

Larry_ Stitches said:

“I went through cs since t 2013 and I lost the baby still now I have not get pregnant l know one day God will d it to.”

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Godchoosen said:

“Same here lost my baby and after5 month and keep telling God to replace it for me today i have a twin girls, i pray the lord surprise you with multiple.”

Lovie said:

“This was me last week. I thought about it where do i start from I blame myself I blame my body for not being able to bring forth a living baby.”

Watch the video below:

Woman dies shortly after excitedly announcing she was going to give birth to baby number 5

Meanwhile, YEN.com.gh previously reported how Kelli Tyler, a 35-year-old pregnant mother of five, tragically passed away mere hours after excitedly posting on Facebook about her upcoming delivery.

Her social media update, "We're moving in!" reflected her anticipation and joy at the impending birth of her fifth child.

However, shortly after the post, Kelli experienced a devastating amniotic emb*lism and despite the heroic efforts of medical professionals to save her life, she sadly did not survive.

Source: Legit.ng

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