Romantic Man Gifts Wife A Car During Wedding Anniversary: "Thank You"

Romantic Man Gifts Wife A Car During Wedding Anniversary: "Thank You"

  • Famous TikTok interracial couple Vannybrad celebrated their third wedding anniversary days after tricking fans that they had divorced
  • The 62-year-old Mzungu man surprised his 22-year-old Kenyan wife with a car worth KSh 6.2 million (GH₵639,132.57), leaving her dumbfounded
  • Netizens congratulated Vanny on her new whip, and some praised the Mzungu woman for being romantic and caring

Kenyan TikToker Vannybrad has shared a video flaunting her new car, leaving many jealous.

TikToker Vannybrad and her Mzungu husband have been married for three years.
Mzungu Man Gifts Kenyan Wife Vannybrad Car Worth KSh 6.2m During Wedding Anniversary: "Thank You"
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Is Vannybrad's Mzungu hubby rich?

Vanny and her Mzungu husband are always serving couple goals despite their 40 years of age difference and recently, she told off critics referring to her man as old.

The lovebirds celebrated their third wedding anniversary and the Mombasa-based TikToker together with her sister, socialite Laura, flew to Dubai for celebrations.

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On March 3, Vanny's husband, who resides in the US, flew to Kenya and gifted her a car, Lexus Rx 450h, to celebrate their third wedding anniversary.

In the video, the 62-year-old Mzungu blindfolded his bae, and led her to where the car was parked. Upon arriving in front of the car, he removed the blindfold and handed her cars to the car which had red ribbons.

The famous TikToker could not hide her joy and hugged her man tightly for a few minutes. After opening the car full of red balloons, excited Vanny sat in the driver's seat and drove her car as her man watched in awe.

"New pet. Anniversary gift came big thank you to my man❤️," she captioned the video.

The 22-year-old lass had another car, and it is unclear if she sold it or will have two.

Here is the video:

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Netizens praise Mzungu man

Reacting to Vanny's expensive surprise gift, here is what netizens had to say:

_savage.laurah_ said:

"Congratulations sizzy."

Rubby_dotty said:

"Keep winning girl, you deserve it."

Ednakalata wrote:

"Understanding girlfriend button."

_msblossom said:

"The pressure is getting worseralafu kuna sisi team strong & independent eeih

Mercymires said:

"Why am I smiling this hard as if ni yangu. Happy for you congratulations ."

____murugi said:

"This is so sweet! Congratulations."

Imanihakeem said:

"Halafu kuna wewe understanding girlfriend."

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