Mom’s TikTok Video Goes Viral, Shows Off Hilarious Struggles of Having Twins

Mom’s TikTok Video Goes Viral, Shows Off Hilarious Struggles of Having Twins

  • One mom shared the struggles of having twin babies with her social media followers
  • The parent found a hilarious yet creative way to give herself a break from the bundle of joys
  • The online community reacted to the video, with many applauding the mother for her genius idea
A TikTok user hilariously shared how she deals with the struggles of having twins.
A mother shared a funny twins' parenting hack. Images: @rroyal99
Source: UGC

One mother left South African online users in stitches after she posted a video showcasing how she deals with having twins.

In the TikTok clip, @rroyal99 placed her twins in pillows on top of the bed and wrapped them in towels. This is to make them think that they are in someone's back - lol.

To make the situation more convincing for the two. An older daughter is seen jumping up and down the bed. In her caption, the mother said they also get tired, and this is one of the creative ways they came up with to give themselves a little break.

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"Of course, we get tired sometimes ♥️."

Mom shares struggles of having twins

Watch the funny TikTok video below:

Parents thanked the mom for the hack

The video garnered over 229k views, with many online users laughing and applauding the parents' creativity simultaneously.

@Phindie asked:

"Kazi wayekuphi tik tok ngo 2005 ngisokoliswa ama twins." ( I wonder where was TikTok in 2005 when my twins were giving me the hustle)

@LesediRamsley felt thankful:

"Thank you for giving me a solution ."

@Tertia ❤️ joked:

"Big sister needs to be registered with The Department of Labour plus a decent salary ❤️."

@Felicia laughed:

"The greatest parenting hack."

@Riri said:

"All the hard work goes to the big sis ."

@mbalientle890 adored:

"Team work le baby girl ."

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Twins show off nice dance moves

Earlier, reported that a TikTok video showing two cute ladies who are twins flaunting their natural endowments is trending.

The ladies, known on TikTok as @ecstasy_twinz, performed a smooth dance.

While one of them shook her body and whined her waist more vigorously, the other one danced gently.

Apart from their beauty, their dress helped attract the attention of their fans. They were uniformly dressed in orange crop tops over fitted loungewear trousers.


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