List Of 20 African Countries With The Weakest Passports

List Of 20 African Countries With The Weakest Passports

  • Some people believe having a passport, especially one that gives you access to first-world countries, is better than having a PhD in a third-world country
  • France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Australia still hold the top positions and the world's most powerful passport offering up to 190 destinations
  • Countries in West Africa and those from the Middle East take the beating, scoring poorly across the board

In the present world, a passport is an essential document. It can stand between you and a job opportunity overseas or just a chance to travel and become well-travelled.

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Is a passport better than an African PhD?

A recent debate comparing the authority of a passport and a PhD has contributed to explaining the importance of the travel document, with a Canada-based PhD holder seeming to support the notion that a Dutch passport is of more excellent value than having a PhD in a third-world country.

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Earlier in 2024, the World Economic Forum released a report about the most powerful passports.

France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Singapore, and Spain led the park with 194 destinations, followed by Finland, South Korea, and Sweden, which had 193 destinations.

According to the Henley Passport Power Index, midway through 2024, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Australia still hold the top positions. South Africa is Africa's most powerful country, with over 108 destinations and 97 positions globally.

Kenya holds 132nd on the list out of 183, with 76 destinations.

Weakest passports in Africa

Global NoCountryDestinations
156Comoro Islands55
159Congo (Rep.)52
160Cote d'Ivoire59
162Sierra Leone67
167Congo (Dem. Rep.)47
170South Sudan46

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Globally, the weakest passport, according to the list, is from the following countries:

Which are the weakest passports globally?

Sri Lanka44
North Korea42

List of visa-free countries for Ghana has provided a 2022 list of visa-free countries for Ghanaians.

Most people were grounded at home during the pandemic; hence, they resolved to travel more if they returned back to normal.

If this is you and you are scouting for your next destination, then you may be considering visa-free countries for Ghana in 2022.


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