Ghanaian PhD Holder In Canada Supports Kofi Gabs: "I Know A Lot Of Drs In Ghana Who Are Poor"

Ghanaian PhD Holder In Canada Supports Kofi Gabs: "I Know A Lot Of Drs In Ghana Who Are Poor"

  • A Canada-based Ghanaian man, Dr Isaac Mensah, has shared his view on the comparison between a Dutch passport and a PhD from Ghana
  • Dr Mensah, in a TikTok video, said that the Dutch passport carried more weight in terms of benefits than a PhD from a Ghanaian university
  • He further backed his opinion by reading out a long list of benefits holders of a Dutch passport have over people with PhD from Ghana

A Ghanaian based in Canada has waded into the raging debate over the value of a Dutch passport vis-a-vis a PhD acquired from a university in Ghana.

For the past few days, Ghanaian social media platforms have been replete with commentaries and debates about the benefits of holding a foreign passport rather than a PhD.

Ghanaian PhD holder in Canada backs Kofi Gabs
Dr Isaac Mensah (left) and Kofi Gabs. Photo credit: @isaacomens77/TikTok
Source: TikTok

This conversation was goaded by a Ghanaian-turned-Dutch, Kofi Gabs, also known as Mr Happiness, who works as a cleaner in the Netherlands.

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Kofi Gabs, in one of his usual videos on TikTok, opined that his newly acquired Dutch passport is superior to a PhD obtained from a Ghanaian University.

Sharing his views on this seemingly hot topic, the Ghanaian man, identified on TikTok as Dr Isaac Mensah (Dr Isaac Wealth), suggested in a long explanation that, to him, a Dutch passport is superior to a PhD from Ghana.

Dr Mensah read from the Meta AI a long list of benefits and advantages holders of the Dutch passport have over anyone with a PhD from Ghana.

In any case, Dr Mensah says Dutch citizens have easier access to education, if they want to, across the European Union than a PhD holder from Ghana.

"If you have easy access to education and you work and earn good salaries, which school can't you attend? Unless you are academically not fit to do a PhD," he said.

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"I know some doctors in Ghana who are hungry; they are always complaining. When I was in Ghana, life wasn't easy at all. I worked for a whole year and my savings weren't even up to GH¢20K," he added.

In the video's concluding part, Dr Mensah said he would choose a Dutch passport over a PhD from any Ghanaian university.

Watch the video below:

Majority of Ghanaians pick Dutch passport over PhD

Ghanaians who chanced on Dr Mensah's video shared on his TikTok page (@isaacomens77) also said they would pick the Dutch passport over a PhD, with some praising him for speaking the truth.

A few of the comments are listed below.

@Sikaba Clement said:

"God bless you ,the truth is one, Dutch passport is more important and better than phd in Ghana."

@Okodie also said:

"Compare the same PhD holder in Dutch to that Dutch passport."

@Afia Sem commented:

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"chai i need Dutuch passport now oooo."

@JAMESTER also commented:

"The PHD holders gives birth I'm the state in the name of getting a passport. Passport all the way."

Kofi Gabs responds to critics

Meanwhile, reported previously that Mr Happiness, the internet sensation who has triggered many Ghanaians online, released a new video.

His latest video responds to a section of Ghanaians who have asked him to apologise for saying that a Dutch passport is superior to a PhD from any university in Ghana.

He said he would apologise the day Ghana get stable electricity like in the Netherlands, where he has been conferred a citizenship status.

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