10 very popular English girl names in Ghana

10 very popular English girl names in Ghana

As the world evolves, it seems more and more Ghanaians are turning back to their native names, while others are coming up with different, unheard of ones to name their children.

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Nevertheless, there are still some female English names that are still very popular in Ghana and YEN.com.gh brings you 10 of them:

Most popular female names
Ghanaian actress Emelia Brobbey

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1. Jennifer. Everyone knows at least one Jennifer in their circles, whether they’re best friends or mere acquaintances. You know a Jennifer.

2. Jessica. Another very popular name. Nearly every primary or JHS school has at least one pupil that is named Jessica.

10 very popular English girl names in Ghana
Jessica Opare-Sarforo is a popular radio host at Accra-based Citi FM

3. Portia. Everyone had that friend whose name they always mistook for that luxury car brand, Porsche.

4. Angela. When your parents were hoping you’d turn out like the angels in heaven. Did you?

5. Mary. This is quite possibly the most popular name around. Everyone wanted to name their daughter after the woman who gave birth to Jesus.

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6. Miriam. Miriam and its sister name Mariam are quite popular, especially in Ghana.

7. Tracy. This was a popular name in the early 2000s and still remains so today.

8. Linda. This girl name has is so popular, it should be voted the top ranking name currently. There are so many Lindas in Ghana, we dare you to say otherwise.

9. Abigail. Another name right out of the Bible. Still very popular today, at least one in 7 people can be said to have that name.

10. Felicia. Or Felicity too, these names have been popular since the 80s and still remain so till date.

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