Stonebwoy Wife and Child

Stonebwoy Wife and Child

Stonebwoy and award winning dancehall musician has had to deal with rumors on social media about his wife being pregnant. Stonebwoy's wife is Dr. Louisa Satekla and the husband confirms that she is not pregnant.

Stonebwoy Wife and Child

Stonebwoy Wife

Dr Louisa, a dentist is not pregnant. The husband was not offended by the rumors as he claimed that it was the fans' expectation that newlyweds should procreate and have a child soon after their marriage. However, Stonebwoy and his wife are no in a hurry. In an interview, he asks his well wishers to exercise some form of restraint as the right time will come and the baby they long for will be born. Stonebwoy and wife have not been married long which is probably why people feel like they are delaying. What most are not aware of is the fact that every couple has their personal plans and respecting this privacy is important.

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Stonebwoy Wife Pregnancy

The said pregnancy does not even exist. While most people want it to be true, the dancehall king reveals that it is a non-existent story. Rumors about the couple were numerous with some saying that the marriage was catapulted by the fact that the doctor wife got pregnant for Stonebwoy out of wedlock with some saying that it was after she cheated on her boyfriend with him. All these stories are, however, baseless according to those involved. After all, Stonebwoy wife age allows her to take some time before getting a baby. She is not running out of time and thus fans need to wait until the couple is actually ready to expand their family. While the excitement to see them with a baby is eminent, exercising some restraint and patience while waiting is necessary.

Stonebwoy Wife and Child

Fans have a way of coming up with ideas for celebrities. Stonebwoy was not spared the drama when rumors started making rounds that her dentist wife was pregnant and that people should await the birth of a child. While these are clearly out of a good intention, they are not true as confirmed by the artists. It is surprising that even after these confirmations there are media personalities that still insist that she is pregnant and it happened before marriage. In fact they claim that it was the catalyst for their marriage. Whichever of these is true, ours is to wish them the very best in their private lives.

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