Ghanaians answer the question, 'Should a lady wash her boyfriend's clothes?'

Ghanaians answer the question, 'Should a lady wash her boyfriend's clothes?'

In a social media tug of war that is currently ongoing, majority of Ghanaians have had their take on whether it is right for ladies to wash the clothes of their boyfriends.

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In a poll run by on Facebook, audience were asked to give their take on the subject matter.

Social media poll: Ghanaians divided on whether it’s right for ladies to wash clothes of their boyfriends
This is the question YEN asked its readers and followers on Facebook.

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Intriguingly, the responses were varying, with most men supporting the idea, while some ladies rather opted to disagree.

Majority of the men believe washing the clothes of your boyfriend is a sure way of stealing his heart and allowing him to know you better.

For some ladies, though, no man deserves such treatment if he has not married the lady yet.

One account with the name Israel Angua said: “If you won’t wash don’t be jealous when you see him hiring one beautiful lady to wash for him. So boast your month and lose your dream husband. For me if you won’t wash or cook I presume you don’t know how to do it. If you don’t understand come and beat me."

Another by the name Teyewayo Okutu added: “I have a feeling that my clothes will not be washed well, so l always wash my things. But if a guy ask you to wash his things it is not bad, because his clothes have always been washed before he met you and who knows perhaps you might not be his wife in the near future. I see it as opportunity to express your love my dear ladies.

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Another guy with the name Nana Kay Yeboah had a rather hilarious response, saying if ladies want to use marriage as an excuse, then they should also not take money from their boyfriends. He said: “I hope those girls saying it is wrong because he is not their husbands, ok, I hope you don't collect money from him because he is not your husband.”

The debate would have been incomplete without some ladies also getting involved to put up a defense for their stance.

One user with the name Maabena Boaduwaa said: “So if in case you arr not lucky with relationship matters, you will keep on washing saa from house to house.”

Another by the name Pomaa Probity said: “Yes he's not husband yet. Why should you treat him like husband?”

One other lady called Mable Ababio opted to agree with the guys by stating that there is nothing wrong if a lady washes the clothes of her boyfriend. She said: “Who said it’s wrong to wash your guy’s clothes, I am also happy to wash my guy’s clothes, it’s even makes your guy love you more, and also shows how well you have been brought up from home.”

So, there you have it. The above are but just a few sampled responses from a section of Ghanaians on social media. You can also join in the conversation by leaving your comment below.

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