5 popular Ghanaian stereotypes and peoples they're attributed to

5 popular Ghanaian stereotypes and peoples they're attributed to

Even though people the world over know that stereotypes are oversimplified - and therefore mostly inaccurate - ideas of a particular group of people, it seems to have little effect on the fact that a lot of people still hold many stereotypes as the gospel truth...and Ghanaians are no different.

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YEN.com.gh put together a list of common and widely held stereotypes about certain ethnic groups in Ghana that are still held to be true for many Ghanaians, even though they're not necessarily true.


Ghanaian chiefs

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Asantes are generally held to be a very hard working, and ambitious people. On the other hand, Asantes are generally thought to be an extravagant group of people who don't shy away from showing off their wealth. Many also hold that Asante people are good talkers, which makes them very good marketers (or very good swindlers).


Ga traditional leaders greet Ghanaian MP

Ga people are probably the one tribe that don't seem to have established "good" stereotypes - if there ever was such a thing. Generally a coastal people, Ga's are generally thought to be lazy people who many say don't like to travel far afield. Two widely held stereotypes that can easily be rubbished considering the abundance of Ga people in industry, politics, and many more who have ventured beyond Ghanaian borders.


An Ewe traditional leader on this throne

Ewe's are known countrywide to be highly spiritual people. Whether their spirituality has to do with traditional deities, Christianity, or otherwise, one can say 'The Force' is strong in these people (excuse me, I just watched Star Wars, lol). Ewe women particularly are believed to be the most beautiful in Ghana, while another stereotype has it that Ewe people don't like to help each other.


Former President Mahama with his clansmen

Generally considered to be a hard working people, northerners are also known to be pretty strong when it comes to spiritual traditions, otherwise - and hilariously - known as African electronics. Though many tribes reside in the north of Ghana, they generally regarding as one tribe many Ghanaians due to the similarity of their customs compared to "southern" tribes.


Traditional Fante Linguists

Known to be a group of people who love their colonial names, many Fante people have foreign names for their first and surnames. They're also a people known in Ghana for their academic prowess.

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