All political parties in Ghana and their flag bearers 2020

All political parties in Ghana and their flag bearers 2020

There wasn't much political activity in the 1940s when Ghana struggled to gain self-governance and political independence. With the establishment of the United Gold Coast Convention in 1947, Ghana finally realized a proper path towards self-government. Fast forward 30 years later, the country is a multiparty state, the lengthy ban on political party activity lifted in 1992 to create a fairground. Today, Ghana has numerous politicians under different political affiliations, each professing distinct values. If you want to know the political parties in Ghana and their flag bearers in 2020, better update yourself on Ghana's multiparty system.

political parties in Ghana and their flag bearers
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Although Ghana has two dominant political parties: the National Democratic Party and the New Patriotic Party, others are coming up and creating a strong foundation among Ghanaians. They garner impressive numbers, robbing the big players a massive number of voters in every general election. However, who are the flagbearers of these little-known political parties as well as the most famous ones?

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Fresh paint and party symbols often adorn buildings dedicated to political parties. And they are so many that you can quickly lose count in every general election. Ghana is a unique country with highly-respected constitutional supremacy. That is why in every election, flagbearers, under different parties, fiercely fight it out to clinch the top seat.

Ghana political parties landscape

Ghana’s political parties must abide by the 1992 constitution and demonstrate national charter. According to the Electoral Commission of Ghana, the country has 27 active political parties. These are groups of like-minded individuals that support particular agendas or ideologies with the intent to govern the country.

Ghana possesses two giant political parties, other small parties, and some pop up towards every general election and disappears soon after clinching or losing seats. It was only after Ghana's new constitution of 1992 that the extended ban on political activity was lifted. Then, all parties that emerged and were preparing for the general elections were grouped into three clusters.

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The formation of political parties in Ghana is regulated under the Political Parties Act 574. The Act spells out everything on creation, registration, and operation of all political parties in Ghana. It is the Electoral Commission of Ghana's responsibility to regulate the operation of all political parties in the country and register such groups before commencing operations. If the commission does not recognize them, then their legality is questionable.

Political parties in Ghana and their flag bearers

All democratic nations in Africa seem to share the same story – a multitude of political parties enjoying the country's supreme law freedoms. There are many registered political parties in Ghana, but do you know all of them? Probably not.

Maybe you are looking to familiarize yourself with political parties in Ghana and their flag bearers but have no idea where to start other than the leading players. If you are interested in becoming a member of the not-so-familiar parties in the country, better learn more about all political parties in Ghana and their leaders.

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1. National Democratic Congress (NDC)

The National Democratic Congress is one of the premier political parties in Ghana. You can hardly miss this in the list of current political parties in Ghana. The party’s sheer might and prowess in shaping the political landscape in Ghana cannot be underestimated.

The party's members chose former president, John Mahama, as the official candidate for the 2020 elections. He won the presidential primaries with a considerable margin showing that he had impressive support at the grassroots from party members.

2. New Patriotic Party (NPP)

The National Patriotic Party forms the second most recognized political party in Ghana. In a way, the party is NDC's arch-rivals, fiercely competing in every general election scrambling for available seats.

For the 2020 general elections, they have elected Nana Akufo-Addo as the presidential candidate and Mahamudu Bawumia as the vice president. This means that Akufo-Addo will contest against John Mahama for the third consecutive time.

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3. Convention People's Party (CPP)

Kwame Nkurumah created CPP, a socialist political party in Ghana, in 1949. With the slogan "Forward Ever, Backward Never," the party is looking to be a formidable contestant in the 2020 general election.

The current chairperson Hajia Hamdatu Ibrahim has stated that the party will be a force to reckon with in the 2020 election as it brings out new leaders. The party’s mostly focused on rebuilding from the parliamentary level and is one of the oldest registered political parties in Ghana.

Although CPP faces massive challenges trying to sell itself to the new generation of Ghanaians, they have survived and are continuing to build strong foundations.

4. People's National Convention (PNC)

Among other Ghana political parties, the People's National Convention has a strong base, mostly in the northern half of Ghana. It was founded on 27th July 1992 by Hilla Limann, and the primary colours are red, green, and white with a palm tree symbol.

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In 2015, the party elected new officials, and Edward Mohama became its preferred presidential candidate with General Secretary Bernard Mornah becoming the chairman.

Other political parties in Ghana

political parties in Ghana and their flag bearers
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What is a democracy without numerous political affiliations? That is why Ghana is home to multiple political parties that give people the power to dictate the happenings in their country.

  1. All People's Congress (APC)
  2. Democratic Freedom Party (DFP)
  3. Democratic People's Party (DPP)
  4. Eagle Party (EP)
  5. Great Consolidated Popular Party (GCPP)
  6. Ghana Democratic-Republican Party (GDRP)
  7. Ghana National Party (GNP)
  8. Ghana Freedom Party (GFP)
  9. Ghana Union Movement (GUM)
  10. Liberal Party of Ghana (LPG)
  11. National Democratic Party (NDP)
  12. National Reform Party (NRP)
  13. New Vision Party (NVP)
  14. Progressive People's Party (PPP)
  15. People's Action Party (PAP)
  16. People's Destiny Party (PDP)
  17. Reformed Patriotic Democrats (RPD)
  18. United Ghana Movement (UGM)
  19. United Development System Party (UDSP)
  20. United Renaissance Party (URP)
  21. United Front Party (UFP)
  22. United Democratic Party (UDP)
  23. United Progressive Party (UPP)

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There you have it! An overview of Ghana’s political landscape per the registered parties. In most cases, political parties in Ghana and their flag bearers create coalitions to have more significant numbers. This leads to some relinquishing these positions for the greater good, but the two main parties always fight it out at the ballot.

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