Best entrepreneurs in Ghana and what they do

Best entrepreneurs in Ghana and what they do

Entrepreneurship involves developing a business idea and taking it up. It also involves finding ways of growing the business and also coming up with innovative ways to keep the business running in the competitive entrepreneurial world. Here is a list of Ghana's prominent entrepreneurs.

Best entrepreneurs in Ghana and what they do

Entrepreneurship has been on the rise in Africa and all over the world. Many, especially the young, have ventured into this lucrative field. Entrepreneurship is thought by many to entail risk taking. This well-paying field has also seen many Ghanaians abandoning their nine to five jobs to start their own business enterprises.

Entrepreneurship in Ghana has taken course and is now a key aspect in shaping the country’s economy, providing jobs and reducing poverty levels in the country. Since entrepreneurship despite the risks involved has proven to be a great undertaking, there are quite a number of self-made entrepreneurs in Ghana.

How to become an entrepreneur in Ghana.

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The first step to being a successful entrepreneur is to begin with whatever little financial input one has. It is very important for an entrepreneur to cultivate the habit of saving, investing and also re-investing the small proceeds from their investments.

Being a law abiding citizen, in this case paying the required taxes and other charges to the government is also instrumental in being successful as an entrepreneur. It is important also for entrepreneurs to see to it that their staff is well trained. Productivity largely depends on one’s vigor, problem solving skills and also creativity.

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5 Successful entrepreneurs in Ghana.

Here is a list of Ghanaian entrepreneurs who have managed to make their names big in the business industry and a brief biography of these Ghanaian entrepreneurs.

Osei Kwame Despite.

Popularly known as Kwame Despite, this 56 year old was born into a poor family in a village known as Agona in Ashanti Ghana. This successful business entrepreneur began as a petty trader selling goods such as padlocks, music cassettes and other items in the streets of Dankwa Offinso. Kwame despite starting small and going bankrupt in 1983, got back on track.

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Osei Kwame Despite

Kwame who is one of the prominent Ghanaian businessmen is the chief Executive of the Despite Group of Companies. He owns Okay FM, Peace FM, Neat FM, Neat Fufu, Best Point Savings, Neat Banku and Special Ice.This entrepreneur attributes his success to his very passionate staff and the Almighty God.

An interesting fact about Kwame is that he is media shy inspite of owning a number of broadcasting stations.

Roland Agambire.

Roland Agambire

Roland who is the Chief Executive Officer of AGAM Holdings and Rig Communications was born into a very large polygamous family. Certainly Roland learns the reality of this life the hard way. He then worked tirelessly to be where he is now. Being only, 42 he has climbed the ladder to success to be among one of the top entrepreneurs. Roland has received a number of international and local rewards for entrepreneurship, commitment, innovation and philanthropy.

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Prince Kofi Amoabeng.

The story of Kofi began way back on the 22nd of February, 1952 in a town called Bosoco, Eastern Ghana. He schooled at Pen worth Preparatory School and sat his common Entrance Exam that he wrote in 1964. Soon after he joined Adisadel College in Cape Coast then to St Peter’s Secondary School, Nkwatia. Kofi obtained his degree in Business Administration at the University of Ghana. Prince also went to the military academy and was commissioned as a lieutenant in 1975. He, however, exited the army in 1981.

Kofi Amoabeng

He then tried a couple of enterprises and business consultancy. Have you ever felt the stigma that comes with rejection? Well, Prince does but has risen above that and much more. He now is the Chief Executive of Universal Trust Financial Services

Dr. Kwabena Darko.

Born in 1942, Darko was brought up at Bekwai, Ashanti Region. Since he lost his father at an early age, Darko was forced to do odd jobs to supplement the earnings of his family .He studied agriculture at Ruppin Institute, Israel. Dr. Darko started his poultry farm Darko Farms and company in 1967, now the largest privately, owned agro-business Company in Ghana.

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Kwabena Darko

Dr Thomas Kofi Aboagye.

Affectionately known as Obibini Blackman, Dr. Thomas born in 1971 was a popular trader in Kumasi. Thomas tirelessly toiled to be self –sustained, never looking to live in comfort because of his family’s modest wealth. He is now the Chief Executive of Obibini Blackman Company Limited, leading producers of food and alcoholic beverages. He strongly believes that discipline is a pre-requisite to success.

Thomas Kofi Aboagye

These success stories of Ghanaian entrepreneurs who have made it in this competitive arena sure can inspire and give you drive to go ahead and try. Remember good things come to those who are bold enough to actualize their dreams.

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