Reasons why "Atopa" video teacher should be sanctioned

Reasons why "Atopa" video teacher should be sanctioned

Following the release of the viral 4:12 video showing the disgraced headmaster of Adumanu D/A Basic School "bonking" an SHS student, there have been calls for action to be taken against the him.

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In her defense, Miss Priscilla Tettey, has expressed that she is no longer a minor, and that she has been involved with the dismissed headmaster for a while. To this extent, almost painting the picture that nothing wrong has taken place.

Richard Seppey in upclose shot

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So put together a list of reasons that argues that tougher sanctions ought to be leveled when teachers or educators who get into inappropriate sexual relationships with students.

1 - 18 is barely legal

Probably the most used - and worn out - excuse given by educators caught with their pants down with young girls, this is usually employed by disgraced educators trying to avoid a jail sentence. Though it may be true that Ms. Tettey may have reached her 18th birthday, the fact remains that, best case scenario, Mr. Seppey allowed inappropriate advances from a student to turn into a fully fledged sexual relationship.

Worst case scenario, He initiated a relationship with a student with the explicit intent to have sexual intercourse with her, a relationship that could have begun when she was a minor.

2 - A breach of trust and authority

Parents entrust educators with the education of their children, allowing them to spend extended periods of time with their kids unsupervised knowing that the educator's priority is to teach. No responsible parent would let their child go to a school if they knew that the teachers would willingly sleep with their son/daughter even if he/she consented to it.

In sleeping with the student, Mr. Seppey used a platform given to him by the education system to satisfy his desires.

3 - Consensual but still abuse

In the case of the Edumanu headmaster, the student not only says she's 18, but that what happened in the viral video was consensual. Nevertheless, this defense is insufficient at best. It fails to consider the fact that the "relationship" never should gotten there in the first place, and that it is the educators responsibility to ensure that his or her relationship with a student remains an appropriate one.

4 - A breach of professional ethics

In deciding to embark in a sexual relationship with the reportedly 18-year-old student, Mr. Seppey not only acted unethically as an educator, but in doing so he prioritized his desire to have sex over his responsibility to be a good example for students, as his positions requires.

5 - He proceeded to make the video

In the viral video in question, Mr. Seppey appears to be the one engaged in actually recording the video. Throughout the video's entire duration, it is Mr. Seppey that not only holds the camera, but at some point he also ensures that he places it in a position where he would be sure that the device was recording the entire scene.

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