Who Composed the Ghana National Anthem

Who Composed the Ghana National Anthem

A sweet song is good to soothe a dull day, but an emotional creed connects with humanity even more. The Ghana National Anthem just carries the two facets. It has good rhymes and rhythms and the content expels feelings for commitment, love, desire to sacrifice for the country, optimism among other virtues. That being said, who composed the Ghana National Anthem?

Who Composed the Ghana National Anthem

In the spirit of togetherness, we have sung our hearts out for our nation, Ghana. This is still being passed on a primary national heritage, so the generation coming after will defend, protect and love their country with might and will. Here a brief on how it came about, who composed it and when it was composed:

Who Composed the Ghana National Anthem

You may have wondered who composed the Ghana National Anthem just as I do. He is one resourceful patriot come scientist. His name is Michael Kwame Gbordzoe. Mr. Gbordzoe composed and wrote the National Anthem of Ghana, which is a creed of allegiance and goes hand in hand with the national pledge. The composition was done in the year 1970.

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There have been conflicting reports on who really composed the national anthem between Michael Kwame Gbordzoe and Philip Comi Gbeho, a teacher, musician and composer. The latter composed one in 1957 that was discarded although his work was very fundamental in developing the current lyrics. It had the title – God Bless the Queen and made entry to the National Anthem Selection committee. Nonetheless, this piece (the original lyrics) was not commissioned for some reasons in 1967. Mr. Kwame then went ahead and composed his own piece in the patriotic spirit and it was then adopted as the approved creed. Although he contributed immensely in coming up with the national anthem, the God bless our homeland Ghana is not his work and therefore credit goes not to him. The current Ghana National Anthem is the sole work of Michael Kwame, a promise of honor.

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Name of Ghana’s National Anthem

Ghana’s National Anthem has been dubbed – This is our Own Native Land. However, the Government of Ghana knows the national anthem by the title, ‘God bless our homeland Ghana.’ Going by the song’s content it is indeed a wish that God Bless Ghana to be brave, strong and a black star of hope and honor.

Who Composed the Ghana National Anthem

Ghana National Anthem Lyrics

You only build on or add value to something of treasure to you. It seems Ghanaians have a chunk of their heart into their motherland expressing total devotion and selflessness for their country. Here is the Ghana National Anthem Lyrics:

God bless our homeland Ghana,

And make our nation brave and strong,

Bold to defend forever

The cause of Freedom and of Right.

Fill our hearts with true humility

Make us cherish fearless honesty,

And help us to resist oppressors' rule

With all our will and might forever more .2x

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Hail to thy name, O Ghana

To thee we make our solemn vow;

Steadfast to build together

A nation strong in Unity;

With our gifts of mind and strength of arm,

Whether night or day, in the midst of storm,

In every need whatever the call may be,

To serve thee, Ghana, now and evermore.

Raise high the flag of Ghana,

And one with Africa advance;

Black star of hope and honor,

To all who thirst for liberty;

Where the banner of Ghana free flies,

May the way to freedom truly lie

Arise, arise, O sons of Ghana land,

And under God march on forever more.

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