Where is Bolo Yeung today? Net worth, movies, wife and kids, latest updates

Where is Bolo Yeung today? Net worth, movies, wife and kids, latest updates

Kung Fu related films are trendy all over the world due to their exciting theme and power-packed action. As a result, the creators and producers of these films are always looking for people who can perfectly play the part. Bolo Yeung has been a perfect choice for many, and he never disappoints.

Bolo Yeung
Bolo Yeung posing for the camera. Photo: @officialboloyeung
Source: Instagram

Bolo Yeung is a famous former competitive bodybuilder, martial artist, and martial arts film actor from Hong Kong. He is renowned for his villain roles in the movies he features in. For instance, he starred as Bolo in Enter the Dragon, Chong Li in Bloodsport, and Chang Lee in Bloodfight.

Bolo Yeung profile summary

  • Full name: Yang Sze
  • Nickname: Bolo Yeung
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: 3rd July 1946
  • Birth sign: Cancer
  • Place of birth: Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
  • Age: 74 years (as of June 2nd 2021)
  • Nationality: Chinese
  • Ethnicity: Asian
  • Eye colour: Black
  • Hair colour: Black
  • Weight: 70kg
  • Height: 5 feet 6 inches
  • Sexual orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Buddhism
  • Marital status: Married
  • Sons: Danny Yeung and David Yeung
  • Daughter: Debbra Yeung
  • Profession: Bodybuilder, mixed martial artist, actor
  • Net worth: $1.5 million

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Bolo Yeung's biography

The actor was born on 3rd July 1946 in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. He is 74 years old at the time of writing. Bolo Yeung's family details, such as his parent's names and whereabouts, have not been revealed to the public. He has also not offered any information about his siblings.

Bolo showed great interest in martial arts when he was a young boy. As a result, his parents admitted him to martial arts classes when he was only ten years old. This gave him an opportunity of learning under several knowledgeable Kung Fu masters.

He was also interested in bodybuilding, and therefore, he took part in various bodybuilding competitions. At some point, he was named Mr Hong Kong's bodybuilding champion. However, he reserved the title for about ten years.


Due to his impressive physique and expertise in bodybuilding and martial arts, several film directors, and producers were interested in casting him. Shaw Brothers Studios selected him to star in bad guy roles in films. He starred in several movies before leaving Shaw Brothers in 1971. He appeared in:

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  • The Heroic Ones
  • The Deadly Duo
  • Angry Guest

After leaving Shaw Brothers Studios, his friend Bruce Lee invited him to star in Enter the Dragon. What was the role of Bolo Yeung in Enter the Dragon? He played the role of Bolo. During the 1970s and 1980s, the actor was cast in several movies and TV shows. However, he rose to fame in 1988 spring after playing Chong Li in Bloodsport.

Bolo Yeung
Bolo Yeung posing for the camera. Photo: @officialboloyeung
Source: Instagram

He continued to star in numerous movies and TV shows as follows:

  • 2017 - Diamond Cartel
  • 2007 - Blizhniy Boy: The Ultimate Fighter
  • 1997 - Tiger Claws II
  • 1996 - Fists of Legends 2 Iron Bodyguards
  • 1995 - Shootfighter 2
  • 1994 - Fearless Tiger
  • 1993 - TC 2000
  • 1992 - The Magnificent Duo
  • 1992 - Tiger Claws
  • 1992 - Ironheart
  • 1992 - Shootfighter: Fight to the Death
  • 1992 - Mega Force from Highland
  • 1991 - Double Impact
  • 1991 - Breathing Fire
  • 1989 - Bloodfight
  • 1988 - Bloodsport
  • 1988 - One Husband Too Many
  • 1987 - Killer's Nocturne
  • 1987 - To Err is Humane
  • 1987 - Shanghai Express
  • 1986 - Legacy of Rage
  • 1986 - Lucky Stars Go Places
  • 1994 - Seven Angels
  • 1985 - Bruce Lee's Dragons Fight Back
  • 1985 - My Lucky Stars
  • 1985 - Working Class
  • 1985 - Lucky Diamond
  • 1984 - Silent Romance
  • 1983 - Just for Fun
  • 1983 - The Boxers Omen
  • 1982 - The Super gang
  • 1982 - The Ninja Strikes Back
  • 1981 - All the Wrong Clues
  • 1980 - Way of the Dragon 2
  • 1980 - The 36 Deadly Styles
  • 1980 - (Bruce) the King of Kung Fu
  • 1980 - Fearless Hyena 3
  • 1980 - Challenge of the Tiger
  • 1980 - Invincible
  • 1980 - Treasure of Bruce Lee
  • 1979 - Bruce the Superhero
  • 1979 - Ruthless Revenge
  • 1979 - The Dragon, the Hero
  • 1979 - Enter Three Dragons
  • 1979 - The Fists, the Kicks, and the Evil
  • 1979 - Snake Deadly Act
  • 1979 - Writing Kung Fu
  • 1978 - Enter the Game of Death
  • 1978 - Bruce Li in New Guinea
  • 1978 - Amsterdam Connection
  • 1978 - Black Belt Jones 2
  • 1978 - The Image of Bruce Lee
  • 1977 - Kentucky Fried Movie
  • 1977 - 10 Magnificent Killers
  • 1977 - Bolo the Brute
  • 1977 - The Clones of Bruce Lee
  • 1977 - Bruce and Shaolin Kung Fu
  • 1977 - Soul of Chiba
  • 1976 - A Queen's Ransom
  • 1975 - Hong Kong Superman
  • 1975 - Seven Blows of the Dragon 2
  • 1975 - Kung Fu Massacre
  • 1975 - G-Men '75
  • 1975 - He Loved Once Too Many
  • 1975 - The Fighting Dragon
  • 1974 - Super Kung Fu Kid
  • 1973 - Chinese Hercules
  • 1973 - Thunderkick
  • 1973 - Kung Fu's Hero
  • 1973 - Enter the Dragon
  • 1973 - Freedom Strikes A Blow
  • 1973 - Greatest Thai Boxing
  • 1973 - Tiger
  • 1973 - Ninja Killer
  • 1972 - Man of Iron
  • 1972 - Trilogy of Swordsmanship
  • 1972 - Young People
  • 1972 - King Boxer
  • 1972 - The 14 Amazons
  • 1972 - Angry Guest
  • 1971 - The Rescue
  • 1971 - The Lady Professional
  • 1971 - The Oath of Death
  • 1971 - The Deadly Duo
  • 1970 - The Heroic Ones
  • 1970 - The Wandering Swordsman

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Bolo Yeung's death in films

How did Bolo die? The actor's death occurred in different ways in the various films he starred in. Here are the highlights of his film deaths:

  • 1970 - The Heroic Ones - Strangled to death.
  • 1972 - Five Fingers of Death - Possibly killed in a fight with Gam Kei Chu when Gam headbutts Bolo in the face.
  • 1972 - Man of Iron - Beaten to death.
  • 1972 - The 14 Amazons - Stomped to death by Hua Chung.
  • 1973 - Enter the Dragon - Beaten to death by John Saxon during a martial-arts battle. He was kicked in the groin and died from the pain.
  • 1973 - Chinese Hercules - Beaten to death by Wai-Man Chan.
  • 1977 - Ten Magnificent Killers - Stabbed in the chest by Lik Cheung during a fight.
  • 1978 - Black Belt Jones 2 - The Tattoo Connection - Strangled to death with a metal chain by Jim Kelly.
  • 1978 - Dragon Lee fights Again - Beaten to death by Dragon Lee.
  • 1978 - Dragon on Fire - Killed at the end of a fight with Dragon Lee.
  • 1978 - Way of the Dragon 2 - Killed at the end of a fight with Bruce Lee.
  • 1978 - The Image of Bruce Lee - Beaten to death by Pak-Kwong Ho.
  • 1979 - Writing Kung Fu - Stabbed in the stomach with a sword by John Cheng.
  • 1980 - Challenge of the Tiger - Killed in a fight with Jang Lee Hwang.
  • 1980 - The Clones of Bruce Lee - Killed in a battle with Dragon Lee.
  • 1982 - The 36 Deadly Styles - Killed after a fight with Jang Lee Hwang.
  • 1984 - Supergang - Head crushed at the end of a fight scene.
  • 1989 - Bloodfight - Killed by being kicked in the head with a heel kick by Yasuaki Kurata as revenge for the death of his student Simon Yam.
  • 1991 - Breathing Fire - Possibly falls to his death after a fight with Ed Neil and Jonathon Ke Quan.
  • 1991 - Double Impact - Electrocuted after being kicked into an electrical panel at the end of a fight with Jean-Claude Van Damme.
  • 1992 - Ironheart - Killed by Britton K. Lee.
  • 2015 - Diamond Cartel - Stabbed in the stomach with a hidden blade during the final fight scene with Serik Bimurzin.

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Wife and kids

The talented actor is married to the love of his life and a long-term girlfriend whose name has not been revealed to the public. The duo has been blessed with three lovely children. So, who is Bolo Yeung's son? He has two sons, Danny Yeung and David Yeung and one daughter, Debbra Yeung.

Bolo Yeung's net worth

The martial artist has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million as of 2021. He has made such a massive sum of money from his career as a Chinese bodybuilder and martial artist. He has also earned significantly high sums of money from his successful career in the film industry.

Bolo Yeung today and the latest updates

Where is Bolo Yeung now? He is not as actively involved in his film career as he used to before. He experienced some difficulties thus unable to frequent Hollywood as he did not have the necessary support.

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Initially, he had plans of relocating to the United States alongside Bruce Lee. But, unfortunately, these plans never saw the light of day after the death of Bruce Lee. Instead, he stayed for more than a decade before he could consistently land more film roles.

Bolo Yeung's fast facts

Bolo Yeung
Bolo Yeung while on the pitch. Photo: @officialboloyeung
Source: Instagram
  1. Who is Bolo Yeung? He is a Chinese former martial artist, bodybuilder and actor.
  2. How old is Bolo Yeung? The talented actor is 74 years old as of 2021. He was born on 3rd July 1946.
  3. Where did Bolo Yeung study? He has not offered any information about his educational background.
  4. Is Bolo Yeung married? Yes, he is. He tied the knot to his long term girlfriend, whose name and personal details are unknown to the public.
  5. How many children does Bolo Yeung have? The actor is a father of three children, two sons, Danny Yeung and David Yeung. In addition, he has one daughter, Debbra Yeung.
  6. Is Bolo Yeung still alive? Yes, he is. However, he is not as active as he used to be in the film industry.
  7. What is Bolo Yeung net worth? He has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million as of 2021.
  8. Are Bolo Yeung and Van Damme friends? Yes, the two became great friends during the filming of Enter the Dragon and subsequently during Bloodsport.

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Undoubtedly, Bolo Yeung is an accomplished personality with great fame and expertise in martial arts, bodybuilding, and acting. His life and career journey are an inspiration to many. Besides, he had the privilege of working with the renowned martial artist Bruce Lee.

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