How to prepare Kontomire stew in Ghana

How to prepare Kontomire stew in Ghana

It is the weekend, and you are probably thinking about preparing something memorable for your family. Kontomire stew is one of the most loved dishes in Ghana, a favourite in restaurants and homes. Do you want to know how to prepare Kontomire stew? The stew is infused with assorted flavours and ingredients, giving it its unique savoury taste. The dish is deep in Ghanaian culture, and over time, the recipe has been tweaked to suit modern tastes and preferences. The tantalizing aroma and exquisite taste are indeed priceless. And best of all, the delicious dish is rich in nutrients, perfect for those looking for healthier eating options.

How to Prepare Kontomire Stew
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Way back, before the colonialists invaded Africa, Ghanaians enjoyed a variety of traditional dishes that were deeply enshrined in the people's way of life. Some foods have managed to stand the test of time, and even getting adopted by western culture. Kontomire is one of the traditional dishes that are is quite synonymous with restaurants and many homes

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You will love the sweet and tender cocoyam leaves that are a significant part of this delicacy. Imagine serving this to your family over the weekend! It is a fantastic treat that would be a great memory to all that indulge.

How to prepare Kontomire stew in Ghana

Are you looking for a definitive guide of how to prepare rice and Kontomire stew? Yes, you can have it with rice or something else that satisfies your craving or desires. Even better, you can prepare plantain and Kontomire stew as the process is straightforward.

Ghana has always had unique dishes, and this stew is no exception. The Kontomire soup, which you can create from Kontomire leaves is a pretty straightforward food to prepare. Do not worry if you are a beginner; there is always a way of working things out.

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Easy Kontomire stew recipe

Kontomire stew is a staple in most houses, and you are probably wondering, "How else can I prepare this dish." Fortunately, there is always an exciting and better strategy to cook your favourite meal. And you will be surprised at how the most natural ingredients make the biggest difference.


How to Prepare Kontomire Stew
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  • Two packs of Kontomire or spinach
  • Half a cup of egusi
  • Meat, smoked fish or mushrooms
  • Two fresh tomatoes
  • Two large onions (chops and blends)
  • Spice: Ginger/ Garlic
  • Pepper (depending on how hot or mild you want it)
  • Palm/Red oil
  • Salt
  • Seasoning


  1. Prepare your leaves by cleaning them with warm water. Chop the leaves to smaller sizes for better mixing.
  2. Place your meat in another pan and start steaming.
  3. On a chopping board, chop your onions and tomatoes separately.
How to Prepare Kontomire Stew
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4. Place a small portion of your onion, garlic, ginger and pepper in a blender and let it thoroughly mix.

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5. Add the remaining onion on a heated pan with oil. Let it fry until the onions are golden brown. Maintain moderate heat not to burnt the onion.

6. Take everything that you mixed in the blender and pour it in the pan with the oil and onions. Make sure that you mix it well for five to ten minutes.

How to Prepare Kontomire Stew
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7. Pour the chopped tomatoes in the pan after the blended mixture has cooked. Also, immediately add seasoning and allow to cook for approximately ten minutes as you stir continuously.

8. Place your steamed meat into the stew and mix. If you do not have red meat, you can utilize fish or any other meat you are comfortable with.

9. Blend a half cup of egusi after you have thoroughly washed and blended it. Pour it into the pan and continue mixing.

10. Now, reduce the heat and allow them to cook slowly. You can add smoked fish in the final stages to prevent breaking the stew. Allow the mixture to stew for ten minutes.

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11. After five minutes, your dish is ready to be served. You can taste to check whether the salt is alright.

How to Prepare Kontomire Stew
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The above simple steps on how to prepare Kontomire stew with Agushi only works if you abide by every measure. Considering other complicated recipes, this one is one of the easiest methods of preparing what you love.

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You can cook Kontomire stew any way you desire. If you are interested in how to prepare Kontomire stew without agushi, you will be glad to know that there is an ingenious way of doing it that keeps the fantastic taste. The dish is incredibly versatile.

From the nutrients it carries, the Kontomire stew is very healthy and should be a part of meals for those that want to stay healthy. Even better, you can have a perfect blend of ampesi and Kontomire stew, a sweet mix ideal for anyone's craving.

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The Kontomire stew is indeed a dish that Ghana takes pride in. If you have been intensively searching how to prepare Kontomire stew, then the above recipe is a great place to start. And if you trust your kitchen skills, tweak it to suit your cooking interests.

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