Application for employment as a cleaner sample

Application for employment as a cleaner sample

Cleaning tasks will always be there in Ghana. This is because homes and public places such as hotels, hospitals, schools, offices, and others need to stay clean. You, therefore, do not need to struggle to look for informal employment when you can easily get a job. Start making applications for job opportunities today. For your job search to be successful, it is vital to understand the right way to make an application for employment as a cleaner in Ghana.

Application for employment as a cleaner

Source: UGC

The most critical aspect to pay attention to when applying for a cleaning task is to structure an ideal cover letter. Read on to find out crucial details on how to make successful cleaning job applications.

How to write an application letter for employment as a cleaner

When looking for a cleaning job in a reputable company or an affluent home, make sure you know the information that must be contained in your cover letter. The following are some of the components you need to look at when drafting one.

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  • Do you have any work experience as a cleaner?
  • Are you familiar with common cleaning chemicals and products?
  • Focus on your stamina and physical fitness.
  • Are you a good time manager?
  • Do you have effective communication skills?
  • Focus on integrity since the employer wants someone they can rely on without close supervision.
  • Can you work in a team? In most cases, the employer hires several cleaning workers.
  • Your availability matters as well. Indicate if you can work in shifts.

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How to apply for a cleaning job with no experience

There is a first time for everything. If you have no experience or achievements to include in your cover letter for a cleaner job, here is what you need to know.

Application for employment as a cleaner

Source: UGC

It is wise to convince your potential employer that you are best fit for the position at hand. Therefore, you ought to focus on the skills demanded by the task. Here is a list of the skills you need to have before making your application.

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  1. Do you know standard cleaning products and chemicals, as well as the right way to use them?
  2. Indicate your expertise in carrying out common cleaning processes such as mopping, vacuum cleaning, sweeping, among others.
  3. Show the employer that you are reliable and honest.
  4. You must show your time management skills.
  5. Do not forget to include your communication skills since cleaning requires regular interaction with people.

Application for employment as a cleaner sample

Employment as a cleaner sample provides vital guidelines to be followed by an individual looking to secure a cleaner job. The template assists an individual on how to format an application for an employment letter in the best way to ensure they are hired for the job; you can check out this sample.


[Your Address]

[Address of the institution or person you are writing to]

Dear Sir/Madam,

I [write your name], am applying for the Hotel cleaner position with [write company name], and I hope that you will consider my application.

Application for employment- steps to consider

I have years of experience cleaning hotels, so I know what to expect from this job, and I am confident that I have the skills your establishment is searching for in an applicant. I can follow company policy when cleaning the rooms and do a thorough and professional job.

I have excellent time management skills and the ability to follow a cleaning plan. However, I also understand that the plan will need adjusting daily to accommodate the needs of the guests. I have very good people skills and a pleasant and friendly personality

You can reach me to arrange an interview by calling [enter your contacts], and I hope to meet with you soon.


[Signature and name]

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How do you write a cover letter for a hospital cleaning job?

You need to understand the job setting when making an application as a cleaner in a hospital. This is a highly contagious place that must be clean all the time. Hospitals operate both day and night, which means you need to be available for either shift.

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Application for employment as a cleaner in a hotel

Hotels are places where different people stay for a short while then leave. As a cleaner, you have to make sure that each hotel room is clean before another guest makes a booking. You also have to keep the rooms clean whenever there is an occupant to enhance customer service.

The above sample on the application for employment as a cleaner will help you catch the attention of the employer. Potential employers receive hundreds of applications for a single cleaning job advertisement. Make sure you stand out from other job seekers.

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