University of Cape Coast Distance Learning

University of Cape Coast Distance Learning

No time to accomplish your academic advancement because of too much work? Not to worry. Distance learning opportunities allow you to achieve this goal with ease. Knowing the courses that are offered through this program is a step closer to joining the University distance learning school and enjoying the benefits of education just as you would when at the school during regular sessions. Find out more about taking distance learning opportunities at the Cape Coast University.

University of Cape Coast Distance Learning

Distance learning comes in handy for most students that cannot make it to regular classes for one reason or another. Fortunately, institutions of higher learning are recognizing this need with each passing day hence they are taking time to accommodate students with such special needs. University of Cape Coast distance learning is one of the programs offered at University of Cape Coast.

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University of Cape Coast Distance Learning Admissions List

The University of Cape Coast Ghana distance learning program comes as a solution that has been long awaited. The school invites qualified persons to apply for specific courses offered under this program. Some of these are:

1. Business: MBA

Areas of specialization

a. Accounting

b. Finance

c. Human Resource Management

d. Marketing

2. Education: M.Ed

Areas of specialization:

a. Administration in Higher Education

b. Educational Psychology

c. Guidance and Counseling

d. Measurement and Evaluation

e. Special Education

3. MA (Master of Arts)

a. Guidance and Counseling

b. Administration in Higher Education

c. Measurement and Evaluation

University of Cape Coast Distance Learning

University of Cape Coast Distance Learning Programmes

The following are some of the University of Cape Coast distance learning courses that aspiring students can choose from. They are based on different levels starting with certificate courses to the highest doctorate level.

1. Certificate

Cert. - Early Childhood Education (Sandwich)

Cert. - English (Proficiency)

Cert. - Professional Certificate in Microfinance (Sandwich)

2. Diploma

Dip. - Diploma in Basic Education

Dip. - Diploma in Mathematics and Science

Dip. - Diploma in Commerce

Dip. - Early Childhood Education (Sandwich)

Dip. - Diploma in Management Studies

Dip. - Diploma in Psychological Foundations of Education

3. Bachelors- Undergraduate Courses

Bachelor of Arts

B.A - Anthropology

B.A - Classics and Philosophy

B.A - African Studies

B.A - BA Communication Studies

B.A - Social Sciences

B.A - Sociology

B.Ed - Bachelor in Psychological Foundations of Education

B.Ed - Health Sciences

B.Ed - Health, Physical Education and Recreation

B.Ed - Home Economics

B.Ed - Mathematics

B.Sc - Actuarial Science

B.Sc - Agribusiness

B.Sc - Agricultural Extension and Community Development

B.Sc - Engineering Physics

B.Sc - Entomology and Wildlife

B.Sc - Agro-Processing

B.Sc - Animal Production

B.Sc - Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences

B.Sc - Forensic Sciences

B.Sc - Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics

B.Sc - Biochemistry

B.Sc - Environmental Science

B.Sc - Mathematics-with-Economics

B.Sc - Geography and Regional Planning

B.Sc - Mathematics-with-Business

B.Sc - Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

Master of Arts

M.A - Applied French Linguistics

M.A - English Literature

M.A - Geography and Regional Planning

M.A - Sociology

M.A - Bilingual Translation

M.A - Communication in Oil and Gas Management

M.A - English Language

M.A - Health Education

M.A – Philosophy

M.Phil - Agricultural Economics

M.A - Religion and Human Values

Master of Education

M.Sc - Statistics

M.Com - School of Business

M.Sc - Technology and Development

M.Sc - Oil and Gas Resource Management

Master of Commerce

Master of Philosophy

M.Phil - Administration in Higher Education

M.Phil - Agricultural Extension

M.Phil - Aquaculture

M.Phil - Basic Education

M.Phil - Development Studies

M.Phil - Economics

M.Phil - Educational Administration

M.Phil - Educational Planning

M.Phil - Physics (M.Phil)

M.Phil - Population and Health

M.Phil - Post – Harvest Technology

M.Phil - English Language (M.Phil)

M.Phil - English Literature (M.Phil)

M.Phil - Entomology

M.Phil - Environmental Science

M.Phil - Ethnomusicology

M.Phil - Fisheries Science

M.Phil - French Linguistics - Top-up (Sandwich)

M.Phil - Geography and Regional Planning

M.Phil - Ghanaian Languages

M.Phil - Mathematics Education

M.Phil - Mechanisation

M.Phil - Music Education

M.Phil - Oil and Gas Resource Management (Regular)

M.Phil - Physical Education

M.Phil - Religion and Human Values

M.Phil - Science Education

M.Phil - Sociology

M.Phil - Statistics

M.Phil - Tourism Management

M.Phil - Vocational and Technical Education

M.Phil - Wildlife Management

Master of Business Administration

MBA - Oil and Gas Management

Doctor of Philosophy

Ph.D - Agricultural Economics

Ph.D - Agricultural Extension

Ph.D - Economics

Ph.D - English Language (Ph.D)

Ph.D - English Literature

Ph.D - Entomology

Ph.D - Ethnomusicology

Ph.D - Fisheries Science

Ph.D - Geography and Regional Planning

Ph.D - Health Promotion

Ph.D - Hospitality Management

Ph.D - Integrated Coastal Zone Management

Ph.D - Literature in English

Ph.D - Aquaculture

Ph.D - AWBC/UCC PhD Program

Ph.D - Development Studies

Ph.D - Mathematics

Ph.D - Physical Education

Ph.D - Population and Health

Ph.D - Qualitative Research

Ph.D - Religion and Human Values

Ph.D - Science Education

Ph.D - Statistics

Ph.D - Tourism Management

Ph.D - Wildlife Management

New Students applying to University of Cape Coast distance learning admissions should look put for advertisement of new intakes. It is possible to still enjoy working at your favorite company and pursue a course of your choice even when you cannot make it to class

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