4 reasons why your beautiful marriage could be invalid

4 reasons why your beautiful marriage could be invalid

It would be devastating for any couple to realize that after spending tons of money on a well attended and beautiful wedding ceremony, that their union amounts to nothing but air... at least as far as the law in concerned.

According to the law, there are certain prerequisites for a couple's union to be considered as legal in the eyes of the law. YEN.com.gh put together a list of things couples should make sure have been done to ensure that their marriage is legal.

3 reasons why your beautiful marriage could be invalid

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1. A church gazetted by law

Couples ought to make sure that the Church they are getting married in is one that has been Gazetted by law. While weddings in residences are a common occurrence in Ghana, marriage in a church is only legal when - among other things - the church in question is a registered and gazetted one. Otherwise, the marriage is void.

2. Church must be registered

Any church that conducts marriages should be registered under a District Assembly or a local government authority. Any marriage conducted at a church that has not been registered is null and void.

3. Officiating pastor also gazetted by law

Just like the first point, the officiating pastor, Rabbi, or Imam must be registered and gazetted by law. This is equally as important as the first point, because if the church is a registered one, and the officiating pastor or imam is not, then the marries is still null and void under the law.

4. Custom marriages must be registered

If you recently had a customary marriage, it is very important to remember that a customary marriage must be registered in court in order for it to be considered legal.

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