List of 2016 science fiction films

List of 2016 science fiction films

They came even better, even classier. We waited, they delivered. Though some people asked whether they would live up to the best of 2015, we had to wait and see. As a captain of my own boat of mad fans of sci-fi, I must confess it did not really disappoint.

List of 2016 science fiction films

We saw the Dawn of Justice(can’t help but re-watch it) and other science fiction films like the famous Suicide Squad that starred the science fiction movies best actors like Ben Affleck(Batman) and Will Smith(Dead-shot).As always the science fiction movies list of the best does not disappoint. However, it did try to because according to the IMDb ratings, the Dawn of Justice failed to raise a 7 with the Suicide Squad also having a six.

The science fiction films list therefore includes:

Bijuli Machine(104 mins|Rating 9.1)

It is a science story of two responsible minds and their quest to save their country darkened by bad energy uses with their machine.

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Diary of a Fatman(107 mins|Rating 9.0)

Berd is a man with completely no story about his boring life, until he falls asleep of course.

List of 2016 science fiction films

Mission of Pakal to Mars(84 mins|Rating 8.8)

An actress accidentally finds herself in room with people who want to travel in high tech devices to Mars

Cryptic Road(100 mins|Rating 8.8)

A young writer with mind reading capabilities finds a subject whose story can bring him the fame he has always craved for. This is until he meets one of his own kinds.

Herobrine Origins: The Movie(113 mins|Rating 8.8)

Can Steve learn to control his powers? Or is the world doomed?

Patient 62(81 mins|Rating 8.7)

Torn by nightmares of his abducted sister, Lucas moves out to look for his sister and stop human trafficking before he realizes that the nightmares he suffers are not his own.

List of 2016 science fiction films

Twenty Twenty-Four(88 mins|Rating 8.7)

A loner of a scientist maintains a bunker for his upcoming global nuclear disaster. When it all backfires, he starts to question the reality of his project.

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Kampung Drift(94 min|Rating 8.7)

This dashing cross-genre movie shows the life of a drift racer and how he tries to win his life and love through the drift racing.

Kurung Manuk(Bird Cage)-(101 mins|Rating 8.6)

Manuk’s over imagination makes him the black-sheep of the community and a suspect in a murder case in the neighborhood.

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Grand Unified Theory(104 mins|Rating 8.4)

Albert a brilliant astrophysicist has his theories tested on one fateful weekend with his family as events mirror his theories.

List of 2016 science fiction films

The Reflection of Kripto(60 mins|Rating 8.3)

Kripto wakes up 200 million years into the future in a world that does not have his friends or family. He has an ally though who must team up with him to fight against the evil enemy.

Der Lichte Grund(50 mins|Rating 8.3)

In a world open to ideas and change as time goes by, the protagonists remain rigid in this science fiction films best-selling art piece.

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Altered Hours(101 mins|Rating 8.2)

An insomniac send his mind time-travelling into the future where he sees himself a suspect in kidnapping a girl he has not even met yet.

Tomorrow Ever After(95 mins|Rating 8.2)

A historian living in the future time travels back in time to 2015 and try to solve the society wars and woes that existed.

List of 2016 science fiction films

BoBoi :The Movie(100 mins|Rating 8.2)

Alien treasure hunters invade earth and kidnap Ochobot to help them locate the Power Sphere. BoBoi is now tasked with finding out how to help the situation.

90 Minutes of Fever(90 mins|Rating 8.2)

At the thought that the world is ending what would you do?

Bad Vegan and the Teleportation Machine(90 mins|Rating 8.2)

Lily falls for the good looking physicist Spike who tasks her with his teleportation machine that changes her life forever.

Oblivious Memory(100 mins|Rating 8.2)

Carlos has restless memories but catches himself in a time warp that gives him a newer identity and he does not recognize himself anymore.

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Reminiscentia(89 min|Rating 8.2)

Mikhail has an ability to erase bad memories in people’s minds. He has a lot of visitors but instead, he uses their stories for his own benefits.

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Amazing Ape(79 mins|Rating 8.1)

Albert who was diagnosed with cancer find a healthy way with his girlfriend to live. They also try to save Simon, a loving intelligent chimp.

They did it for us, at least for me they did. Do they impress you?

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