150+ most popular Akan names and their meanings in Ghana today

150+ most popular Akan names and their meanings in Ghana today

Akan names come from a traditional naming system for people from countries such as Togo, Ivory Coast, and Ghana. A child's name is determined by factors surrounding their birth. For example, the day of their birth or how they were born may determine which name they get, irrespective of their gender.

Most popular Akan names
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These Akan names signify the day one is born. According to the Akan tradition, each child is born with a name associated with their soul. The day the child is born is therefore determined by the soul. The ancestors initiated the well thought and organized naming system of the Akans, which has attracted so many people's attention as they desire to know more about these names.

Akan names and their meaning

Akan names are not just names given to children to give them identity. There is a specific traditional system that is followed when the naming is being done. The names also have different meanings and appellations. The list below highlights some of the popular Akan day names and their meanings for both males and females.

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Akan girl names and their meanings

Akan female names come out so well in the form, just as Akan ancestors designed them. There is a variety of names you can choose from. Here is a list of ancient Ghanaian names for your daughter.

Akan girl names starting with the letters A and B

Akan day names and their meanings
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Are you looking for an adorable name for your little girl? Below are fantastic options to consider.

  • Abayie: Is a child who came well
  • Abeberese: One who experiences hardships
  • Addai: Means clouds
  • Adekorato: Means treasurer
  • Adiyiah: Is one who encountered a lot of sorrow
  • Adunu: Is the twelve born
  • Adusa: Means the thirteenth child
  • Agyegyesem: Is a troublemaker
  • Agyei: One who is a messenger of God
  • Antobre: One who never experienced hardship
  • Awotwe: Born as the eighth child
  • Badu: Is the tenth born
  • Boahinmaa: The one who has left her community
  • Baako: The firstborn
  • Bagyina: Is a stable child
  • Bediako: One who came purposely to engage in war

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Adorable Akan girl names starting with the letters E -L

Akan names in the bible
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Below are amazing options for parents looking for names starting with the letters F-L.

  • Effia: A girl born on Friday
  • Ejo: A girl was born on Monday
  • Fifi: One who will add
  • Gifty: An attractive tall girl
  • Hania: Of happiness and bliss
  • Ikhlas: Sincerity
  • I'timad: Dependence
  • Katakyie: This is a very strong man
  • Kisi: One who is born on Sunday
  • Kofi: Born on Friday
  • Kosia: Born on Tuesday
  • Ktakyie: This is a very strong man
  • Kuukuwa: One who is born on Wednesday
  • Kwaku: Born on Wednesday
  • Kwame: Born on Saturday
  • Lumusi: One who is born facing downward

Rare Akan girl names starting with the letters M-P

Akan names and meanings
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Check out these rare Akan names for baby girls starting with the letters M-P.

  • Mama: One who is born on Saturday
  • Manu: The second child to be born in a family
  • Mawusi: One who is in the hands of God.
  • Morowa: A queen
  • Naa: Pleasant and nice
  • Nanyamka: God's gift
  • Nkrumah: The 9th-born child
  • Nsiah: Is the sixth born
  • Nson: The seventh born
  • Nyamkomago: The second child after twins
  • Odeneho: It means one who is independent
  • Osei: A very nobleman
  • Ozigbodi: Patience
  • Piesie: The firstborn in a family

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Akan names and meanings for boys

Like many cultures, Ghanaians view the naming of a child as a very important rite of passage. They normally pick a meaningful name since they believe it accompanies the individual for the rest of their life. Here is a comprehensive list of unique Ghanaian names with their meaning.

unique Ghanaian names
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The popularity of Akan names is determined by their appellation. The more desirable the appellation is, the more popular the name is. Here is a list of popular Akan names.

  • Ababio: Child that keeps coming
  • Abam: The second child as a twin
  • Abeeku: One who is born on Wednesday
  • Abina: One born on a Tuesday
  • Acheompong: Attributed to be bearers of chiefs and also kings
  • Addae: It means the morning sun
  • Addae: The morning sun
  • Adjua: The one born on Monday
  • Adwoa: One born on a Monday
  • Adzo: The one born on Monday
  • Afafa: The first child of the second husband
  • Afryea: Born during good times
  • Afua: A daughter who is born on Friday
  • Afuom: On the field
  • Agyeman: Came to save the nation
  • Agyenim: A God-given child who is very great
  • Ajoba: One who is born on Monday
  • Akua: Born on Thursday
  • Akuba: One who is born on Wednesday
  • Akwete: Elder of the twins.
  • Amma: God-like
  • Anana: Soft
  • Anasah: Meaning a royal person
  • Angela: An angel from heaven to shower love and peace
  • Antobam: The posthumous child.
  • Anum: This is the fifth born
  • Araba: The one who is born on a Tuesday
  • Ashantee: Thank you
  • Awusi: The one who is born on a Sunday

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Common Akan boy names starting with the letter B-E

ancient Ghanaian names
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What is the most common name in Ghana? Below are examples of common Akan baby names and their meanings.

  • Badwo: Born on Monday
  • Bekoe: This is a child who came to fight
  • Botwe: The 8th-born child
  • Bovzo: God’s gift
  • Caimile: A family is born
  • Coblah: One who is born on Tuesday
  • Coffie: One who is born on Friday
  • Conaniah: Made by God
  • Commie: Born on Saturday
  • Dampo: Born on a Sunday
  • Danso: Reliable one
  • Deladem: Redeemed by the saviour
  • Dhakirah: The one who remembers God frequently
  • Dofi: The second child after the twins
  • Donkor: This is a slave
  • Dogbeda: Pray
  • Dziedzorm: I was glad
  • Duku: Meaning the eleventh born
  • Dzidzorli: There is happiness
  • Dzifa: One is at peace
  • Efua: They are born on Friday
  • Ekuwa: One who is born on Wednesday
  • Elolo: God is great
  • Enyonyam: It is good for me
  • Ersi: Cool morning breeze

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Modern Akan baby boy names starting with the letter S-Z

ancient Ghanaian names
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A baby brings a lot of joy to a family. Parents who are looking for baby boy names that begin with the letters S to Z should consider the options listed below.

  • Sabri: Persevering and patient
  • Serwaah: One who is noble
  • Sumina: A garbage
  • Siisi: Born on Sunday
  • Tsoenamawu: To leave it to God
  • Tse: Younger twin
  • Veliane: Companion
  • Wafaa: Faithfulness
  • Woelinam: In God, I trust
  • Xoese: Believe
  • Xorlali: The saviour exists
  • Yaa: One who is born on Thursday
  • Yaaba: One who is born on Thursday
  • Yaayaa: One who is born on Thursday
  • Yaw: Born on Thursday
  • Yawa: One who is born on Thursday
  • Ye: The elder of twins
  • Yehowada: God's Day
  • Yihana: Felicitations or congratulations
  • Yomavu: Call on God
  • Yorkoo: born on Thursday
  • Zuhrah: Brightness

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Akan names in the Bible

Akan girl names and their meanings
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If you are looking for the best Akan names from the Bible, here are some of the options you could consider.

  • Abigail: Father, in rejoicing
  • Adom: Help from Go
  • Agyenim: The great one from God.
  • Daniel: A Prophet
  • Danquah: Everlasting
  • Elikplim: God is with me
  • Elinam: He is there for me.
  • Esi: One who is born on Sunday.
  • Likem: Establish me
  • Madonudenu: My confidence is in Him (God)
  • Malike: I will be established
  • Mary: Sea of bitterness
  • Michael: One of the seven archangels of the God

What are twins called in Ghana?

Akan names for god and their meanings
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Akan twins do have special names. The names vary between the younger and the elder twin. Here is a list of Akan twin names

  • Akwesi and Akosua: Born of Sunday
  • Annah and Anane: The fourth born
  • Kofi and Efua: Born on Friday
  • Kojo and Adwoa: Born on Monday
  • Kwaben and Abena: Born on Tuesday
  • Kwaku and Ekua: Born on Wednesday
  • Kwame and Ama: Born on Sartuday
  • Mensah and Mansah: Born third in a family
  • Panyin and Kakra: Older and younger
  • Yaw and Yaa: Born on Thursday

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Akan names for God and their meanings

The following is a list of some of the popular names for God among the Akan people.

  • AAmoasu: The one who gives rain
  • AAmoawia: The one who makes the sunshine
  • Abommubuwafrina: The one who comes to help you if you cry for him
  • Boreborea: The one who creates everything
  • Brekyirihuanuaadea: The one who sees it all
  • Ipaamboao: The one who fabricates rocks
  • Nyaamaneakoasea: The one who comforts you if you are aggrieved
  • Odoamankoma Iboadean: The creator
  • Onyamea: The Supreme being
  • Otuamafoao: The powerful one
  • Tetekwafraamoaaa: The one who has always been there and who will never change
  • Twoeeaduampon: The one who is like a tree

How are Ghanaians named?

The names given to children in Ghana are based on the local dialects of the various ethnic groups or typically based on the day of their birth, like Monday or Sunday.

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Is Asante a Ghanaian name?

Yes, it is a Ghanaian name that is also spelt Asantewaa. It is a name that means a shepherd, great humanity, or dependability.

Knowing which Akan names to give your children will help you observe the traditions of your people. You may not have a lot of power concerning what name your child gets as the day they are born and the circumstances surrounding their birth could determine what name they get

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