Jackie Appiah son: what do you know about the actress’ child?

Jackie Appiah son: what do you know about the actress’ child?

Jackie Appiah is one of the most beautiful Ghanaian actresses. Additionally, she is one of the richest and most influential actresses in Ghana. Jackie Appiah, like most celebrities, has been able to hide her personal life from the media. This post offers all the info you need about the actress’ son that she has been keeping secret for a long time.

Jackie Aphia’s Son: What Do You Know About the Actress’ Son?

A few of Jackie Appiah’s son’s pictures when he was younger were all over the internet, but it all went quiet for a while. Five years ago he was spotted at Nana Ama McBrown’s private birthday party which sort of turned into a star-studded event. The young boy was seen throwing stuff into the Charcoal Barbecue and kept saying, “I am cooking”. The party which was attended by Gloria Agyeman, John Pantsil, Peter Agyeman (Jackie Appiah’s “husband”) brought the ‘chefness’ in Jackie Appiah son- Damien. The award-winning actress and her son were pictured cuddling each other in a restaurant.

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Who is Jackie Appiah’s son, many may ask. The name of Jackie Appiah son is Damien Peter Agyemang. He was born from her three-year-long marriage to Peter Agyemang, a business tycoon. Unfortunately, the marriage didn’t last past three years, and they both went their own ways with the cause of the break still kept secret by the couple. Most people know she has a child, but frankly, less than a few have seen him or his picture. Nobody knows for sure how old is Jackie Appiah's son is, but from the duration of their marriage, Damien Agyemang’s age would be put at about 9-years old. With the actress being Canadian born, one may wonder whether the son was born in Canada or Ghana.

Jackie Appiah and her son are quite close. The son has grown significantly since the last time he was spotted with his mother. If the boy travels with his mother, he might have been to more countries than most people as the actress’ passport stamps keep piling up. He has also definitely met most of the Nollywood stars in West Africa and abroad. This is typically the life that comes with being born to a movie star.

Damien Agyemang has such a resemblance to his mother, from their eyes to his whole face, standing tall and growing fast. He is truly the son of Jackie Appiah. Notably, the little guy is not camera shy and is bit cheeky. Damien is getting his fair share of exposure as he spends time with the big shots all over Africa and beyond. Besides always being around celebrities, he is living one happy life, wouldn’t you if you were him? With great resemblance to the mother, the son of Jackie Appiah, hopefully, also has the love for people as displayed in her mother’s humanitarian works.

Jackie Aphia’s Son: What Do You Know About the Actress’ Son?

There are many speculations on who might be his next stepfather but from what Jackie Appiah posted on Instagram sometime back in a “No boyfriend, no problem” controversial T-Shirt. Apparently, there is no man who can take the crown, but time will tell.

The star’s son is very handsome, and soon he will probably join other guys on social media that are breaking hearts all over the world. If he is anything like his mother, he will go straight to the top in the entertainment industry. We wish him and the mother all the best in all their endeavors.

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