5 Important Facts that you Should Know About Tourist Sites in Ghana

5 Important Facts that you Should Know About Tourist Sites in Ghana

Ghana is a magnet whose forces come from its rich history, landmarks and natural resources. The people in this country also make the country a home for everyone. Ghanaians popularly known for their hospitality will not allow you to suffer when they can offer a helping hand. It is almost impossible to pass a Ghanaian on the streets without greetings.

5 Important Facts that you Should Know About Tourist Sites in Ghana

Tourist attractions in Ghana can be counted in so many resources, starting with Nzulezo village to Lake Bosumtwi. This West African gem, offers both serenity and fun packed environment for your travel needs. All you have to do is define your needs and create a schedule that you will follow throughout your journey across this expansive country. Below are five important facts that you should know about the tourist sites in Ghana.

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1. Ghana has some of the best beaches in Africa and the world

Among the most notable tourist sites in Ghana, beaches hold a high position. The land in Ghana towards the coast ends in a stretch of white sands, ushering in the clear waters making the beaches one of the most beautiful places in Ghana. The water from the beach extends deep into the Atlantic ocean. These beaches are complemented with buildings and resorts of all financial categories. In line with this, you can find a home on the beaches in the gulf of guinea. Below are the regions along the gulf with beautiful beaches;

• Great Accra

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• Volta region

• Western region

• Central region

5 Important Facts that you Should Know About Tourist Sites in Ghana

2. Ghana holds the history of the worlds famous salve trade

Tourism in Ghana is also influenced by the history of slave trade and the evidence of the same, apart from lakes, beaches and mountains in Ghana. Slaves were supplied to slave markets in the south through the northern Ghana slave routes. Evidence of slavery can be seen through relics of holding campsites, water troughs and rivers where the slaves were permitted to fill their bellies and wash their bodies.

3. Rich in natural resources

Some of the most preferred Ghana destinations are nature sites. Right from umbrella rock to mount afadjato, you can find great hiking sites in Ghana. This is not all. Natural sceneries can be found in the vir*gin forests, highland villages and Sahelian savanna.

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5 Important Facts that you Should Know About Tourist Sites in Ghana

4. Ashanti kingdom

The Ashanti kingdom is known all over the world, making it one of Ghana points of interest. Ashanti has its capital Kumasi, which is the second largest city in Ghana. Ghanaians find much of their traditional history in the Ashanti kingdom.

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5. Accra is the capital city of Ghana

With a population beyond two million, Accra boasts to host some of the major tourist sites in Ghana. It is hard not to find somewhere nice Accra, as the places to visit in Accra ranges from hotels to great beaches. It is one of the most preferred places to visit in Ghana. In addition to this Accra houses some of the most crucial landmarks in Ghana including the James Town Lighthouse.

5 Important Facts that you Should Know About Tourist Sites in Ghana

With the five facts about Ghana in mind, it is only wise that you get your travellers bag on and your papers updated for the next tour to Ghana. The lakes in Ghana among other Ghana tourist sites will always deliver the relaxation, bewilderment and escape you need. You, however, have to ensure that you bring with you the friendly and hospitable face when visiting Ghana.

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