Everything you need to know about the biometric passport in Ghana

Everything you need to know about the biometric passport in Ghana

A biometric passport has other popular names like a digital passport or an e-passport. The microprocessor chip in this traditional passport has biometric which can easily identify the owner. The biometric passport use a unique technology referred to as countless smart card.Read on.

Biometric passport Ghana.

The interesting bit about this biometric passport is that no one can forge it that easily, you either need to spend a lot of cedis to forge it or give up. This is because chip stores all the critical information and it has a public key infrastructure that can only authenticate that data.

Biometric Passport in Ghana.

A biometric passport have to have iris, fingerprints, and facial recognition. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Doc 9303 is where the chip characteristic of the biometric passport get documented. The documents characteristics are also documented there.

New Biometric Passports.

Government of Ghana decided after a keen thought that there was a need to issuance new biometric services and biometric diplomatic passports. This came up as away of reducing fake travel documents, and applications in the country. They wanted to unify the country and suggestion needed a prompt action from 18th September 2009. The old passports were not be used once Ghana Biometric Passport Deadline reached and that was on 31st April 2010.

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Biometric Passport Application Form.

Biometric passport Ghana requirements for a first time and when renewal is different. Here are the requirements for a first time Ghanaian applicant:

  • You need a birth certificate too prove that you are a citizen of Ghana.
  • You need an evidence to support you are fully a Ghanaian by maybe using your national ID card or you can use your Driver’s License.
  • Either you are a student or employed, you need a proof to truly tell your profession. A student ID, a work ID, or business registration certificate for the self- employed Ghanaians.

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Biometric passport Ghana.

Ghana Biometric Passport Renewal.

If you need a renewal for your biometric Passport if stolen or damaged there is a procedure and requirements that you need. If it was damaged, you will require showing that damaged passport and affidavit. If your biometric passport was stolen or maybe you misplaced it, you need the following:

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  • Your birth certificate
  • An abstract report from the police
  • Proof that you are a Ghanaian
  • Affidavit

What if you need to change your passport names?

Here is a list of all you will require:

  • A gazette
  • Your marriage or divorce certificate
  • Affidavit

What are the Requirements for a Ghanaian of Below the Age of 18?

If you are a parent or a guardian and you need a biometric passport for you are under age child, you will require:

  • Your Identity Card (ID)
  • The child’s birth certificate

Do they charge?

A charge fee is for the application of the expedited or the standard passport is required. You pay GHS 100.00 for the expedited and GHS 50.00 for the standard application.

Biometric passport Ghana.

The payments can be done at:

  • Zenith Bank Branch Nationwide
  • Airtel money
  • Eco-bank Ghana
  • MTN Mobile Money
  • Ghana Visa & Master Card

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