List of best restaurants in Accra

List of best restaurants in Accra

One of the reasons for visiting a new place is the experience that comes with that visit. So, in case you visit Ghana, you will want to see and experience what Ghana has to offer. You will especially be interested in wanting to know the best places to eat in Accra, Ghana so you can experience new food.

List of best restaurants in Accra

Ghana offers a variety of options as the restaurants vary from Chinese, Japanese Italian continental and also restaurants that offer local foods. I have tried to come up with a list of best restaurants in Accra……

  • The Santoku restaurant

The Santoku restaurant is a Japanese themed restaurant. The food offered comes at a cost! Yes, it’s pricy but trust me, if you are a fan of Japanese food or you want to have your first taste of Japanese food while in Accra, go check out Santoku restaurant.

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  • The Labidi Beach hotel restaurant

If you are in Labidi beach, you have to locate the Restaurant located inside the Labidi beach hotel. It is regarded as the one of the best restaurants in Accra, Ghana because it offers one of the best buffets in Ghana. It offers a variety of foods including local and foreign dishes.

List of best restaurants in Accra
  • The La Chaumere Restaurant

French food enthusiasts have a place in Accra they can eat. The La Chaumere Restaurant is an exclusively French food restaurant that you should visit while in Accra.

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  • The Buka restaurant

If you are looking to have a taste of best local food in Accra, then you should visit the Buka restaurant. The Buka restaurants boasts of a menu full of Ghanaian dishes and dishes from other parts of Africa.

List of best restaurants in Accra
  • The Noble House Chinese Restaurant

If you are looking for the best Chinese restaurants in Accra Ghana, you should try the Noble House Chinese Restaurant. It is very popular among Chinese food enthusiasts in Ghana. It is so popular that it has branches in Kumasi and East Legon.

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  • The Accra Beach Hotel and spa

The Accra Beach Hotel and spa is a very popular destination for tourists whether local or international. It also has plenty of places surrounding it that are ideal for someone visiting Accra including some nice restaurants.

List of best restaurants in Accra
The Accra Beach Hotel and spa

Below is a list of some of the best restaurants near Accra beach hotel.

  1. Just grillin restaurant
  2. The Barbecue Barn restraint
  3. Italia Coffee Rockley
  4. Oasis Beach Bar restraint
  5. Bubba’s Sports Bar and Restaurant
  6. The Courtyard Restaurant
  7. Champers Restaurant

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