African straight dress styles 2020 (photos)

African straight dress styles 2020 (photos)

African women dress to impress and stand out which makes them feel good about themselves hence its importance. Finding the perfect dress for your body is more of a need therefore. Fortunately African designers have been working overtime with many coming up with designs that are not only catchy but also relevant to the modern African woman. Check out the following straight dress styles that will help you achieve your uniqueness goal in any function you choose to attend.

African Straight Dress Styles

While we are all in agreement that prints will never go out of style maybe just change in versatility, the African print especially will live to be unique and different. It is timeless. Whether you choose the Ankara, Kente or Kitenge dress here are different ways to rock your African wear in style and inspire confidence with each step that you take. Have a blast checking out your next wear.

African straight dress styles

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African straight dresses styles come in different patterns and colors. You can choose any African print straight dress styles for any occasion including church weddings and even formal events such as work parties. The secret is to know how to pair the dress with matching accessories. You also need to select prints and styles that will flatter your body since your goal is to stand out. Some of the most common styles include the off shoulders, A-lines and sleeves with gathers. Here are styles that you could consider for your own customized attire more so if you have a good tailor.

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Dresses for church

There are different African wear straight dress styles that are well suited for church. These have to be long and flowing or at least be below the knee. When attending church you need to be respectful and modest. Choose a style that is not figure hugging a well. Flare dresses with the right prints can make you look classy, unique and appropriate for church service. This is the same kind of dress you could wear to a function that involves your in-laws especially the parents.

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African Straight Dress Styles- dresses for church

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Wedding dresses

There is no better place that Africa print dresses shines than in weddings. Here is where people get to show off their style sense and women do not disappoint as they go all the way out. You can choose to wear a straight dress to a wedding as long as you go for bold colors and prints. Make sure that your tailor plays around with his or her creativity as well.

African Straight Dress Styles

Focus on getting a neckline that emphasizes your best features. Work on the sleeves. You could go for sleeve less if you are doing a neckline that is covered up or choose a half sleeve or long sleeves with gathers for the lower necklines. Your aim is to get a perfect combination of the two. For the wedding garments figure hugging outfits will be perfect as you are showing off your curves. You can be decent and chic with the right wedding straight dress. Also choose a color of garment that you can easily accessorize to get that final goddess look you are going for.

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Formal wear

The workplace has relaxed a little bit with more organizations accepting formal African print suits. This has made it easier for the African woman to rock her favorite prints everyday as long as the style is suited for the environment. This is where short straight dresses and skirts that are paired with flattering tops really thrive. You can experiment with a lot of wear for the official look until you get one that really works for you. Once you have the signature look for the office then you can work around hanging colors and prints form bold to mild.

African Straight Dress Styles- formal wear

African straight dresses for ladies

Some of the latest African straight dress styles for ladies will leave you wondering which one to pick. If you are new to African wear and are sort of still trading carefully then the straight style would be a good recommendation. This style is not daring yet still works perfectly for the modern day woman. Whatever you preference is, short or long there will always be a dress that will give you confidence to go all the way out with these dresses. The secret is to check out African straight dress designs. You can start with simple African straight dress styles as you progress to other styles that only a few can dare.

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African Straight Dress Styles- African style dresses for ladies

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There are certain styles that will work for every body type. Usually the A-line dress is a perfect choice for all women. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about standing out since the details in pattern choice, colors, frills and embroidery to mention a few makes each dress unique not to mention that you could choose to use varying fabrics to make it unique.

African Straight Dress Styles

If you are comfortable showing a little shoulder or are confident in your bust then these are the areas that you should focus on when styling the dress. Work with your tailor to bring out an attire that is truly African and customized. It is simple to stand out in a crowd of women that are keep on grooming themselves. Do not be left behind just because you are afraid to go all the way.

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