5 most popular Ghanaian musicians signed by Zyfolon Media

5 most popular Ghanaian musicians signed by Zyfolon Media

Zylofon media is a fast-growing multimedia entertainment company in Ghana. The firm aims at producing quality local content in the entertainment industry that can compete on an international level with other contents worldwide.

5 most popular ghanaian musicians signed by Zyfolon Media

5 Popular Ghanaian Musicians signed by Zylofon Media

They dwell in the creative arts industry with emphasis on producing international standards work and also give local artists platforms to expound on their talents.

Over their period of operation, Zylofon media owner has signed some of the major artists in Ghana under his label. Zylofon media CEO, Nana Appiah Mensah, has made juicy deals with some of the Zylofon media artists. He is quite infamous for his wealthy lifestyle. The Zylofon media CEO biography features him as owner of Menzgold company and other establishments in the country. The Zylofon media owner house has caused a stir on social media as it is fit for a king.

5 most popular ghanaian musicians signed by Zyfolon Media

Zyfolon Media CEO ,Nana Appiah

Although the Zylofon media CEO net worth, is not yet established, he is one of the richest people in Ghana. This is part of his luxurious houses and a bunch of high-end cars he owns. He also owns some of the buildings in Ghana. The mogul also owns shares in most of the enterprises in Ghana. The Zylofon media private jet is estimated to have cost him $ 41 million.

We have compiled a list of some of the Zylofon media Ghana artists who are currently under the company:

1. Shatta Wale

He is one of the latest signings to the label. The dancehall king was offered a juicy deal with included a brand-new house and a car as part of the deal. Zylofon media owner’s cars awarded him with an expensive Rolls Royce. The firm is in charge of all the distribution, marketing, branding and production of the dancehall king’s songs.

5 most popular ghanaian musicians signed by Zyfolon Media

Signing of Shatta Wale into Zyfolon Media.

2. Stonebwoy

Th dancehall star was unveiled during a ceremony held at the Zylofon Media headquarters in East Legon. Zylofon media CEO lauded the efforts that the artist had put in expanding and growing his talent. He also noted the contribution of the artist to the Ghanaian music industry. However, details pertaining to the deal were not disclosed to the public. The firm assumes the role of production, marketing, promotion and branding of the artist’s music.

3. Becca

The afro-pop songstress was unveiled close to her 10th year anniversary in the music industry. She was delighted about the deal as she vowed to put in the effort to produce quality music and make the deal a fruitful one. The Zylofon media CEO, Nana Appiah Mensah, confessed that they were impressed as a brand by the quality and talent that the songstress had.

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4. Kumi Guitar

The ‘break into two’ hit maker signed a 5-year deal with the firm which will see Zylofon media take control of all the production, distribution, marketing and branding of the artists songs. As part of the deal, Zylofon media awarded him a 2016 customized Hyundai Sonata and a sign fee of $100,000. He also was gifted with a 3-bedroomed house. The ceremony was attended by many industry heavy weights.

Zylofon media head of operation, Enock Atakorah, lauded the artist for his prowess and talent. The firm vowed to do their best in order to take his talent to international levels. Many people are really hopeful that this would see the artist reach his dreams across the continent.

5 most popular ghanaian musicians signed by Zyfolon Media

Kumi Guitar signing.

5. Joyce Blessing

The artist landed a 4-year contract during a ceremony at the Zylofon media headquarters in East Legon. As part of the deal she was also awarded a Hyundai Sonata and accommodation. Zylofon media CEO stated this as a move to grow the upcoming talents of the artists. The company is now in charge of production, promotion, marketing and distribution of the artist’s work. The artists promised her fans of good music and an upcoming album under the record label.

More artists were scheduled to be founded by the record label under the Zylofon media auditions hat were to be held. The record label showed their interest in growing the local content of the Ghana entertainment sector to meet the international standards but still maintaining the culture and beliefs of the people. More details were posted on the Zylofon media website.

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Source: Yen.com.gh

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