Passport renewal in Ghana

Passport renewal in Ghana

Are you stuck on how to go about the renewal of your expired passport. This article highlights step by step the process for the renewal of a Ghanaian passport.

Ghana passport renewal process

Are you wondering how you proceed with the renewal of a Ghana passport? Let us shed some light on:

  1. Ghana passport renewal in Ghana
  2. Importance of a Ghanaian passport.

What is a Ghanaian passport?

A passport in Ghana and in the world is a formal document issued by the government to its citizen, to allow them to travel in foreign countries under its protection. They are used as identification documents which people use in foreign countries. Have you ever wondered why authorities ask you to present your passport if you are a foreigner? It is because they want to ensure that the aliens of the country are documented for administrative purposes.

Why renew your passport in Ghana?

An invalid passport must be renewed. Renewing a passport ensures that you are able to continue using it as an identification document and you can continue using it to travel. All passports are dated from the time they are made until the due date. In default an expired passport ought to be renewed. In the same breadth, one must note that renewing a card is different from replacing a lost passport.

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Ghana passport renewal process

The Ghana embassy passport renewal meets a certain criteria, as opposed to first time passport applicants. A renewal applies to the passport whose validity has expired hence the need to apply for a new one. You are presented with a Ghana embassy passport renewal form which you will have to fill when you have been cleared to get a new one.

In the case of a lost passport, the applicant must submit

  • A police report which indicates the place the passport went missing.
  • A declaration at the embassy stating that their passport and a copy of the missing passport.
Ghana passport renewal process

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An applicant renewing a passport is required to have the following;

  1. An application form
  2. Stamped form
  3. Four identical photos
  4. The expired passport.

It’s therefore imperative for persons to know the difference between renewing and replacing a passport. Ghana embassy passport renewal process may take up to three months before processing the document. This is a long time especially in the new digital era.

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On the other hand, Ghana passport renewal requirements for an expired passport are;

  • Original Ghanaian passport
  • Duly completed passport application form
  • Stamped form or copy of witness’ Ghanaian passport
  • Four recent passport size photographs in a plain white background
  • A receipt of the payment

The processing time for that application is one month. The charges for renewal of Ghana passport is DKK 2100, bank charges DKK 50 and postage fees DKK 130, hence a total of DKK2, 280.

Ghana passport renewal form indicates segments that are mandatory; hence the applicant must fill in that particular field. Failure to fill the mandatory fields will render the application invalid.

In the Ghana embassy passport renewal form, the applicant must indicate his or her personal details such as;

  1. Names
  2. Profession
  3. Place and date of birth
  4. Country of residence, height
  5. Colour of eyes and hair,
  6. Sex
  7. Permanent address
  8. Contact details.

The second segment requires the applicant to show evidence of citizenship through a birth certificate and witnesses. There is a segment that requires the applicant to attach their recent photographs. The application should be witnessed by; a senior civil servant, lawyers, registered medical practitioner, head of recognised and a clergyman. Lastly, the application form contains guarantors who shall pay all expense incurred by the government in case the applicant dies abroad.

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