These pictures of Senegalese gowns show why it is the hottest trend right now

These pictures of Senegalese gowns show why it is the hottest trend right now

The beautiful pictures of Senegalese gowns will make one melt with excitement with the amazing designs and styles they have. The gowns have very bright colors which make them look more beautiful and the hottest trend now.

The different design images of Senegalese gowns give it the African taste with a blend of the modern look. There are designs that can be worn for formal occasions while those for informal but special occasions.

The Senegalese gown designs that will leave your mouth wide open with excitement are;

Senegalese long gown

This is the most traditional outfit in Senegal. It can be coupled with a turban. It is more popular among women.

Senegal kaftan designs

These are men’s traditional wear also known as Boubou or Bubu. It is very popular across the West African region. It is a formal attire worn with pants called Kaftan suits and finished off with a fez hat.

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Senegalese embroidery designs are a big part of the Senegal’s fashion as they are handmade designs that are unique and beautiful. Most of these designs are found on Senegalese wedding dresses. The patterns differ, but each embroidery pattern is usually placed on the chest and sleeves. Modern designs place them elsewhere on the outfit.

Senegalese modern fashion

Fashion designers in Senegal follow the modern fashion trends and try pretty hard to incorporate them. Despite the ladies being true to their traditional clothing they try new things thus you will find suits, miniskirts and backless dresses that are now quite popular in Senegalese fashion world.

Senegalese lace dresses are made of the Swiss dry lace and with exclusively unique designs. The patterns are well organized to give it a modern day look.

The Senegalese African dresses have exclusive designs that have the African heritage. They have the Ankara, lace and chiffon fabric that are used to make them.

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The Kaftans are Senegalese wedding dresses that are mostly white in color and are worn by men. The bride’s attire is known as Buba and it can match the groom’s design.

The beaded embroidery being one of the latest Senegalese gown styles has two types of sleeves; long flared and short sleeves- lantern or sleeves- butterflies. The other styles include;

Embroidery style

This style is usually of contrasting bright colors. This type of style can be commonly found on Senegalese wedding dresses.

These pictures of Senegalese gowns show why it is the hottest trend right now
Native Bubu style.

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Native bubu style

It is sewn in the cape form and is worn over the head. It is also made without sleeves but the arms are covered.

Senegalese turbans

It has become quite common to wear a turban in Senegal. It is great since one can give it any form they like.

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These pictures of Senegalese gowns show why it is the hottest trend right now

Senegalese fabrics

Most of the clothes in Africa only differ in the style but not the pattern. The fabric used to fit the African taste is produced in Asian countries since they have traditionally developed textile industries.

The prices of the Senegalese dresses online vary according to the style and design. The prices on Jumia online shopping store, range from 18, 000- 52,000 Naira.

An artist or model will be transformed into a beautiful creature out of this world with classy Senegalese Ankara gowns. They fit all body types and will bring out the curves. Some women like these gowns as they allow them easy movement of their bodies while others like it because they look unique and suitable for special occasions except formal events.

Popular among women, Senegalese long gowns are coupled with turbans that match the gowns. They also have styles such as Ankara, lace and Chiffon.

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