MTN pulse code Ghana

MTN pulse code Ghana

Well, everybody needs a kind of tariff that gives them ideal offers that they enjoy when communicating to their friends and loved ones and the MTN pulse serves just right. Nonetheless, as a subscriber there are a list of MTN pulse codes, a list of short codes that you must know, that will guide you when navigating through the wider range of offers. Below is a list of the MTN pulse codes that will be highly useful when using the tariff.

MTN Pulse Codes: List of Short-codes You Must Know

MTN pulse code migration

The MTN pulse migration code is simply the gateway to the pulse tariff plan enjoyed by Nigeria, Ghana and other African States that have the network across the airwaves. In Nigeria, for instance, you can simply switch to this tariff by simply dialing *460# or sending an SMS by texting 406 to 131. For Ghana you need to dial *567#.

By activating to this tariff, you get to enjoy lots of benefits that come with it and that is why it has received acknowledgement from various members of the public especially the youth, hence considered a movement. Ideally, the MTN pulse night browsing which is also one of the privileges this tariff provides gives the opportunity for its subscribers to freely browse the internet even and download music, applications as well as videos during the night hours on daily basis. That is not all, you can also stream videos and have access to unrestricted number of music with the same charge rates.

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Things to note when migrating to MTN pulse

With the MTN pulse activation code, switching to the new tariff should not be a hurdle, but still there are some essential information that may be useful to the subscribers before activating, for instance;

MTN Pulse Codes: List of Short-codes You Must Know
  1. There are no hidden charges when migrating or any access costs that you will incur. This may be different for the deactivation process though.
  2. There is a flat rate of charged per second for the first sixty seconds that you will be charged when making your calls. This amount will then reduce from the second minute onwards for the next twenty-four hours. However, this only applies when the phones you make are from other similar MTN pulse subscribers.
  3. The call rate changes when calling other MTN subscribers who are not on the tariff plan.
  4. Calling other networks apart from the MTN you will translate to higher charges
  5. You can also link up and chat with other people through the MTN pulse chat by sending an SMS through texting CHAT to 33117 for absolutely free.
  6. Whenever you top up 1.23 cedis or more you get yourself a bonus of 10 MB which is valid for one whole week.

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MTN Pulse data balance code

MTN has taken the largest Ghana telecom market share and is ranked as one of the best service providers in the industry. Being an industry premium, MTN has some of the best data packages around. All you need to know is the MTN bundle codes that will come in handy when making a choice of the best bundle plan for you.

MTN Pulse Codes: List of Short-codes You Must Know
  1. For your MTN internet package dial *138#
  2. To check your internet data bundle balance dial *138*1# and select option 8 to check your balance
  3. To check your balance information dial *126#
  4. To get unlimited internet bundle dial *138*1*4#
  5. For bundle notification dial *138*9# and select options 1 or 2 depending on what you want
  6. To check your broadband internet bundle dial *138#
  7. For roaming inquiry dial *151#
  8. For social media bundle check by dialing *138*1*5#
  9. For bundle notification dial *138*1*5#
  10. For YouTube bundles dial *138*16#
  11. For super saver bundles dial *138*4#

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Knowing which MTN pulse data balance code to use is important

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MTN Codes you should consider

MTN Pulse tariff code

There are certain short codes that you need to note to enjoy the services better. The list below shows the most common tariff codes:

  1. To reload airtime dial *134*pin#
  2. Balance inquiry dial *124#
  3. MTN pulse dial *567#
  4. MTN Jara dial *5055#
  5. MTN Mash up balance inquiry dial*567*4#
  6. Call center dial 100 and call
  7. Check your MTN number dial *156#

There are so many more tariff codes you can check out on MTN’s website and make your use easy.

MTN pulse cheat code

You can always take advantage of free bundle son MTN using this code. Unfortunately it is a trial code since it does not work on all MTN SIM cards. You only have to try it to see if you are among the lucky ones. It is easy to activate and works on any internet enable device including your PC. To get more data you have to dial the code repeatedly. Here is a brief explanation on how you can tap into the benefits of this cheat code for 100mbs.

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You need to have zero balance before dialing *113#. You can dial it many time up to 30 times if you want to access more data for free. You will get an onscreen message confirming that you have been rewarded with the 100mbs daily package. Most people are looking at MTN pulse cheat as a solution to their data problems. Take advantage of the offers that come from the company’s acknowledgement of their loyal customers.

MTN pulse night plan

MTN night bundle is by far the most affordable and the best bundle package for MTN users. It comes with great offers. For you to take advantage of these offers you need to be on MTN Pulse plan. If you are on Pulse then the next move is to send night to 131 where you will receive a message of your successful subscription. This will allow you to access 500MB which you can use any time until it is exhausted. There is no sure way of checking the MTN data balance. You can measure the usage of data using PC fast link statistics. Bottom line though is that you can take advantage of the MTN pulse night browsing to download all the videos and files you have been interested in lately.

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Pulse data plan code

Pulse is a plan that has the young at heart in mind. MTN realized that there are people that need to access flexible data for their personal advantages. Coming up with the Pulse plan is therefore a way of accommodating such individuals to conveniently adjust their bundles need upwards or downwards respectively. If you feel youthful and have a smartphone at your disposal then taking advantage of the Pulse plan is the best move you can make.

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MTN Beta talk

This is one of the best tariffs available for MTN users. The advantage of this tariff is that users have the opportunity of getting up to three times the value of their recharge amount. What’s more it is easy to migrate to this tariff as long as you are in any of the other MTN tariffs.

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There are definitely fantastic benefits of subscribing to this tariff plan for everyone whether you are an internet lover, frequent caller or texting and chat fanatic. Nonetheless, after joining the movement through the MTN subscription code, you still need lots of other codes that will help you through, such as the MTN pulse data balance code which you can simply dial *131*4 and immediately get a notification of the balance on your phone. However, that is not the only way as you can also text the number 2 on your messaging app and send it to 131 to get your balance.

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